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Why Choose Animigo?

Do you know how big the market is for pet care products? With over 86.7 million pet dogs in Europe in 2016 it is not surprising to know that the pet care market is worth an estimated £7.3 billion! We at Animigo aspire to give pets the same high-quality products that all of us humans have. Our vast range of products covers everything from supplements and allergy aids to shampoos and grooming products. We have developed our products with our fluffy friends in mind and all of our supplements are all-natural! Our affiliate program is perfect for anyone who also loves their pets as much as we love ours. With every sale made, our affiliates can earn up to 25% in commissions! Whilst Animigo is UK based, we have dedicated websites in a multitude of countries including places such as Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Denmark and Spain! So if you have a following or exposure in the pet care industry this is an opportunity that is too good to miss!

How It Works

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which affiliates (known as Publishers) place links on their website that link back to a retailer's site.

Using The Animigo logo, text links, and/or banners on your site, you, as an Affiliate, earn commission on any products sold as a result of your link to

As an Affiliate you will earn up to 20% commission on referred sales


Over 500 unique SKUs
Strong brand awareness
Influencer led product PR
Live XML & CSV feeds


Sign up bonus
Generous commission rates
Product specific earnings
Tier loaded extra incentives


Flexible payout methods
Multi currency settlement
14 day express
Invoice and payment generators


Easy to integrate
Pixel based tracking
Voucher code technology
Competitive Cookie Lengths

We have partnered with TUNE, one of the World's largest affiliate marketing platform in the industry. Specialising in our field, you will find everything that you need once you join our Affiliate Program.

Brand Exposure

Did you know that our products and brands have been featured in a whole host of magazines, radio and even television?

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