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Best Dog Food To Avoid Bad Teeth

If there's one thing we know about dogs, it's that they like to eat. Dog food, people food, grass, plants, and more questionable items that are definitely worth discouraging! Any dog owner will attest to returning home and finding their faithful friend lying solemnly by a torn up cushion or stack of papers. It can be an unavoidable scenario. However, all that chewing and gnashing mean that their teeth health is of utmost importance. Dogs of all shapes and sizes put their teeth through the wringer. Inevitably, this can lead to issues that affect them. While dental care; toothpaste and regular brushing are important, you might be wondering what's the best dog food to feed them when they have bad teeth. Here, we'll take you through the signs of bad dog teeth, and the best dog food to feed them.

Stop it before it starts!

This is easier said than done for owners who have found out their dog has teeth issues too late. However, for new companions, or people looking for more information about taking care of a dog, there are certainly many things you can do to stop your dog from getting bad teeth. Food-wise, dry food is generally better than soft food. Dry food doesn't stick, and can actually help to clean your dog's teeth. You should also be brushing your dog's teeth every day, with something like Animigo's Denti-Care Toothpaste. Just like with our teeth, regular brushing can help prevent many of these issues before they start. Alternatively, you could supplement their diet with Dental Care. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, these all-natural chewable tablets contain calcium, magnesium and Vitamin C to support the normal maintenance of your dog's teeth.

Spot the signs

If your dogs have taken their teeth a little too far and are suffering from tooth-related issues, there are a few signs you can spot early. For one, understandably, it might be painful for them to chew. If you see they're not clearing up the bowl they used to wolf down, it's a telltale sign. Also, while dogs aren't renowned for their minty-fresh breath, if your canine companion has especially smelly breath and drools more often than usual, they could be suffering from bad teeth health.

When you get a look at your dog's teeth, especially if they're comfortable with you opening their mouths and taking a look, see if there's any noticeable discolouration. An excess of tartar around the base of their fangs, particularly loose or broken teeth, or blood in their mouths are not good. If you see these, take them to a vet. While they will happily treat it, and recommend the right food for your dog, you can preempt this somewhat with our recommendations below!

Try Dry

You might not think it, but dry food can be the best dog food for bad teeth. If your dog isn't in too much pain, they'll be able to bite through it with ease. The best thing about eating dry dog food is that it doesn't stick to their teeth in the same way wet food does. Therefore, it's less likely to stay behind and lead to excess plaque build-up.

Soft food

Alternatively, if your dog's teeth are in particularly bad shape, or they only have a few left, feeding them dry dog food is a big no-no. If they haven't got enough teeth to chew dry food properly, they could end up choking. Instead, soft, canned food is the way to go. If it's too hard for your furry friend to eat right out of the can, you can always blend it up to make it easier for them to pass. Dogs with fewer teeth are likely to gum the food into swallowable parts. Do them a favour, and give it a whirl in a food processor.

Or, treat them to people food

If you want to spice things up, or if your dog is simply getting a little tired of the same dishes, you can whip up a few human-friendly dishes that will go down a breeze. Eggs are a good shout. They're dog-friendly, full of protein and best of all, soft and easy to chew. Or, you could boil up some veg. Boiled broccoli or carrot will do you dog wonders and are kind to their teeth if they're cooked soft enough. Or better yet, boil up some meat to truly reach your dog's heart while being kind to their teeth. White meat like chicken or turkey is perfect. Just make sure they don't have bones in them, or use breast meat to stay safe. The last thing you want is your dog biting into a hard bone!

And that's all you need to know about the best dog food for bad teeth! As we mentioned earlier, though, if your dog is exhibiting severe signs of teeth issues, please take them to a vet as soon as possible.

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