Calming Aid for Cats

60 Soft Chews | Natural Relaxing Formula


For cats that easily feel nervous, Calming Aid for Cats can be the perfect option. Formulated with premium natural ingredients, these delicious soft chews are designed to help your cat feel calm and relaxed. In easy to take soft chew form with tasty flavours, it makes those stressful situation that much easier for both you and your feline friend!

  • Aids stressful situations
  • Ideal during loud noises or travelling
  • Useful for separation issues
  • With Ginger for upset stomachs
  • Easy to take soft chews
  • Chicken liver & bacon flavour
  • Probiotic
  • Gluten-free
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free
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Stress in cats

Do you find your cat hiding under the sofa at loud noises, running away from the hoover the moment you get it out or yowling when they have to go in the car? All these may be signs that your cat feels stressed or anxious in these situations. Unfortunately, most of the time we can’t avoid these from happening, but the good news is that we can help our pets through it. One of the main techniques is to distract them, be that through putting the radio on while you’re out, giving them a fun new toy or making sure their travel carrier is seen as a safe place. Another great option is to use natural supplements that harness plant-based ingredients known to aid relaxation.

Calming Aid for Cats key ingredients

Giving your cat soft chews

When you’re looking to give your cat extra nutrition, there are a few options you can choose from. For those feline friends that refuse to take pills, going for a soft chew instead could be the ideal choice. Perfectly sized and easy to chew, your cat will love chowing down on these, and with tasty meaty flavours, they can actually enjoy eating it too!


For cats over 12 weeks old, give them 2 soft chews 30 minutes before a stressful situation (if possible). Do not exceed more than 2 in a 12-hour period. During this time, make sure they have plenty of fresh drinking water available.


Glycerine, Potato Flakes, Brewer’s Yeast, Full Fat Linseed, Rapeseed Oil, Tapioca, Chamomile, Ginger (0.04%).

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80.87% based on 22 Reviews

Verified Purchase

My cat gets really freaked out at fireworks and loud noises and whilst shes still kind of scared this helps

K Kelly
Verified Purchase

This has really helped my cat in stressful situations

G Grace
Verified Purchase

My cat really hates thunder storms but these have helped him when they occur

S Simon
Verified Purchase

Seems to be slightly more calming but still gets scared at fireworks

R Ryan
Verified Purchase

Our cat has really calmed down since

A Alan
Verified Purchase

So easy to use!!

C Charlotte
Verified Purchase

Great for loud noises. First calming supplement that has worked for our cat

E Emily
Verified Purchase

Worked brilliantly, highly recommend

R Rosie
Verified Purchase

I give these to my cats when they have to go in the car and it really does help.

C Charlotte
Verified Purchase

Seems to help our growly cat. Takes him down a notch or two. He isn't as likely to attack our other cats but still does every now and again which is unfortunate.

R Rheese
Verified Purchase

Just put it in wet cat food and they will eat it every day.

L Leah-Ann
Verified Purchase

Our tabby has suffered with an upset tummy for a few weeks and so decided to get this - seems to be much better

L Lucy
Verified Purchase

Calming drops has more or less created a new cat. She's still the same little darling, she just doesn't behave as badly as she did. She used to snap out because she was so nervy, but drops has calmed her nerves down a lot. Now, she's everything I hoped she would be when I first got her as a kitty.

S Stacey
Verified Purchase

My cat does a lot better during thunderstorms if I give her some of these calming drops. It works fast !

G Guy
Verified Purchase

Really helps out when I groom my cat because she haaaates being groomed!

P Poppy
Verified Purchase

Ginger is a great ingredient and always look out for it with similar products

R Rosie
Verified Purchase

Our cat gets stressed a lot and we were getting concerned about her confidence. Introduced her to this and seems to have finally come out of her shell

P Paddy
Verified Purchase

Anxiety tabs often gave my cat some terrible side effects that led to scratching and biting. This formula mellows him out a lot but keeps him from being a major grump the next day.

V Vicky
Verified Purchase

Works well for my cat as she doesn't like travelling

J Jenna
Verified Purchase

Works like a charm and she no longer goes crazy when people come in the house

I Irwin
Verified Purchase

My cat is a lot more calm with this and is making her deal better with our new puppy

A Angela
Verified Purchase

It actually works!

E Emilia

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