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Calming Drops

100 ml Drops | Soothing Solution for Cats and Dogs

We can all benefit from a little bit of stress relief in certain situations, it helps us to rejuvenate and get a grasp of things. It sounds strange but our furry friends can benefit from this too. Animigo has therefore carefully formulated a sweet droplet elixir in the form of Calming Drops, a revolutionary droplet aimed at helping calm and soothe your pet friend.

  • Designed to calm your pet
  • Rich in amino acids, vitamins & minerals
  • Ideal for travelling, separation & storms
  • Non-drowsy natural formula
  • Easy to manage drops
  • With tuna flavouring
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free
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The Importance of Calming

The mind, in most cases, is the gateway to achieving health and certainly happiness for the rest of the body, and for that reason requires nourishment and care. The same can be said for your cat or dog. Especially when you consider that studies have shown that dogs, in particular, are capable of feeling anxiety and jealousy. They live in a human-run world full of loud man-made noises and bright lights. This can lead them to be incredibly highly stimulated, which in the long term can make them irritable and have an effect on their health. Just like how us humans take the adequate time to relax and withdraw from now and again to recharge the batteries, it is time we extend that benefit to our animal companions too. Having a go-to solution to stress in difficult situations like long journeys, adverse weather loud noises, can have a profound benefit to your pet’s wellbeing.

Pet Calming Drops key ingredients


This is one of the central ingredients in Calming Drop solution. It is typically used to try and maintain a positive mood, making it ideal for calming stressed or anxious pets.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D
One of the most well-known vitamins available for consumption, it is known to contribute to neurotransmission, which is essential for managing mood and calmness.


Zinc is an incredibly useful mineral for which your pet can use for many tasks as Zinc is known to contribute to the maintenance of normal psychological function.


Since this formula comes as an easy to manage liquid, you don’t need to worry about the trouble that comes with feeding your pet supplements or tablets. This liquid can be placed directly into the mouth of your pet, or you can mix it into food or their water seamlessly. This overall creates a supplementation experience that has ease at its forefront.

Small Cats
(up to 2.5kg)
½ Teaspoon Twice Per Day
Large Cats
1 Teaspoon Twice Per Day
Small Dogs
(up to 5kg)
1 Teaspoon Three Times Per Day
Large Dogs
2 Teaspoons Three Times Per Day


Purified Water, Calcium Chloride, Polysorbate, Nicotinamide, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Artificial Tuna Flavouring, Glycerin, L-Tryptophan, Taurine, Vitamin B6, Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid, Methylparaben, Propylparaben ,Vitamin D ,Vitamin E , Zinc Chloride, Sodium Selenite.

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Calming Drops 100 ml Drops | Soothing Solution for Cats and Dogs

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reviews 4.5

86.15% based on 26 Reviews

Verified Purchase

I have a lovely little Jack Russell, he’s so cute but bless him he never knows when to just relax and chill out and it was keeping me up at night! Luckily I found this online and snuck some into his kibble, he’s still as energetic as always but he’s happy to have a lie down at the end of the day.

E Ellie
Verified Purchase

Used to hear my cat banging around in the kitchen whilst I was asleep every night and it kept waking the Mrs. up! Well now she can have some sleep and cause of that, so can I!

J Jack
Verified Purchase

Was a bit unsure about this when I first got it but now my dog seems way less irritable and I am thinking of taking them myself!

D Donald
Verified Purchase

My cat was looking very stressed from time to time, I’m glad she is okay again.

E Elsa
Verified Purchase

My Finnish Spitz is a huge fan of Tuna and the flavouring mixed in helps keep him calm

K Kian
Verified Purchase

We always give a few drops to our cat before taking her to the vets, stops her resisting and being distressed when in her carrier.

M Morgan
Verified Purchase

We always give our Terrier a few teaspoons before a car journey as she isn't a big fan of them, seems to be working so far

E Emma
Verified Purchase

This has stopped my puppy squealing so much as she gets panicky quite often.

E Ella
Verified Purchase

Good delivery, easy to use

D Daryia
Verified Purchase

This product was bought as my dog was starting to show signs of anxiety over christmas when the house was full of friends and family, glad these worked to calm her down a tad!

T Theo
Verified Purchase

We have a nervy dog staying on holiday with us, no issues with getting him to take these drops hidden in the wet food : )

R Reggie
Verified Purchase

Since acquiring a rescue dog, she was extremely anxious as we left the house, we placed her on these drops and she is starting to realise this is her new home.

R Reuban
Verified Purchase

This is much easier to give to cats than the tablet form. And it seems to be easy peasy to put in the wet food. Hard to say how well it works but it seems to bring some calm to a multi-cat and dog household.

G George
Verified Purchase

Does seem to take the edge of our rescue dogs stress levels, he still wants to play with the others, go for walkies and wants cuddles and kisses

M Mo
Verified Purchase

I got these for my 11 y/o beagle bitch who was going through a stressful time getting very restless. After about two days on full dose she was back to her old self, now got plenty left in the bottle if this ever happens again!

E Ella
Verified Purchase

Ty, it works very well and keeps my two little cavalier king charles spaniels calm. When there's any loud bangs or need them to be calm if going anywhere

J Jane
Verified Purchase

Used these last year over the firework period helped our dog who gets very stressed with the noise, nice product here easier to give than the tablets.

M Meghan
Verified Purchase

We always use it for a while when introducing a new dog to the group.

M Matilda
Verified Purchase

Definitely works, we use them all the time as our husky gets bad Anxiety separation disorder.

L Luna
Verified Purchase

An absolute belter. Our other dog was on heat and we needed to calm our male dog down. Worked perfectly!

L Lola
Verified Purchase

One of the best pet products I have tried, and I have used a lot!

L Lianne
Verified Purchase

These work well for my poodle as he really hates the building work going on next door

S Sasha
Verified Purchase

My dog is so much calmer and I also use it for the cat too now and it works for her as well!!

E Erin
Verified Purchase

Very easy to use

C Cora
Verified Purchase

Works like a dream and I like that it is non drowsy

N Nico
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