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Cat Haircuts: 10 Of The Best Styles for Your Feline

How cool is your cat? Could they be cooler? Do you ever worry they're not getting enough attention from your friends, neighbours, or other cats in the neighbourhood? Real issues require real solutions. But wait, there's no need to fetch any funny hats or fit cat-sized sunglasses on their unimpressed faces. Maybe they just need a new look—a new style. A brand new, awesome hair cut. You could, of course, get creative and come up with your own unique style. Maybe even mirror your haircut. Or, if you want to relax the old brain, you can peruse our guide to the 10 best cat haircuts that'll keep your feline fresh and funky. Yes, we really made this. And yes, you are very welcome.

The Proud Pack Leader

Let your little monster live out its Saharan ancestry with this Lion-themed haircut. Not only does it look super sophisticated, but it will also help your cat to stop shedding. No more hairballs, matting or dander. Just pure, unadulterated lion cat. To achieve this roaring look, shave your cat's torso, down their legs to the shin, and along the tail leaving a tuft at the end. Leave a large mane of hair around their head and under their chin towards their front legs. And that's it. Your cat is a fully-fledged proud lion who would easily slot into the cast of The Lion King!

The Smouldering Dragon

Make sure your cat is ready for Halloween by turning them into a dragon. No costume necessary. Give them a good wash with some Skin and Coat Shampoo, dry them off, and get to work. Much like the Proud Cut, start by shaving your cat's torso but leave the area along their spine. Shave the legs down to the shin as before, and the mane can stay too. Now, here's the tricky bit. You want to cut the hair down the spine into right-angled triangles, with the straight side facing their tail. Do this all the way along their spine and down their tail. Just pray they sit still long enough to pull it off. Then sit back, and admire your new fire-breathing friend!

The Velveteen Dream

Streamline your pawed pal's look with this cool style. Give them a velvet sheen with ease, and help stop shedding and hairballs at the same time! Simply shave their entire bodies about half an inch from the skin, keeping the same grading all over. Then, when you run your hands over them, they will feel like a premium, velvet bath towel. All the other cats will be so jealous.

The Corkscrew

Your cat will be the talk of the town with this spiral style. Leave the end of the tail, and shave around and up, creating a continuous curve of fur around their tail and body. Make sure that the fur spiral opens up as you get closer to their face and neck. Et voila, your cat is now a corkscrew. Yes, this one's more style over functionality. But what a style it is!

The Egotist

Ever get the impression your feline thinks it's better than everyone? Give them a style to match their mood with this big-headed number. It's rather simple, really. All you need to do is shave their entire body, their legs and their tail. Then, when the only hair left is on their little head, give it as much volume as possible. Really puff that head hair up. And now, your cat's head will look as big as it feels. Wonderful.

The Ugg Boot Ultra Deluxe

There's nothing quite like the warm, snuggly feel of nestling your feet into an Ugg boot during winter. Why not give your cat the same experience? Well, at least the same look. Shave their entire body, and when you get to their legs, shave to just above the shin. Now, your cat will look like they're wearing little Ugg boots. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a very cute look.

The Punk Rocker

Does your cat hate authority? Do you suspect that, when you've got your back turned, they're planning to take down the system and fight 'the man'? Well, this style is perfect for any budding anarchist cat. Shave their body, leaving a thick stripe about two inches wide along their spine. When that's done, hold the hair up and shave lines across the spine. Then, spike each section up. Finally, marvel at your little punk rocker!

The Furball

This style works best for cats that have the run of the house. Let the hair on top of their head grow out, while keeping the rest of their body nice and trim. Then, when their head-hair is long enough, style it into a side parting. Maybe add a little collar and tie. And there you have it. Simple yet authoritative.

The Professional

Or, alternatively, maybe put the clippers down and take them to a professional groomer. They'll be able to talk you through a whole host of cat haircuts and styles, and give you advice on what's best from a functional point of view. Plus, there will be no clean up for you after. Bonus.

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