Denti-Care Toothpaste

200 g Toothpaste | Edible Toothpaste for Cats and Dogs


We all know how important dental hygiene is for humans, so what makes it a luxury for cats and dogs? They deserve just the same essential day to day tooth care that we do, and a lot of the time, they could also benefit from fresher breath. Animigo is proud to bring you Denti-Care toothpaste for cats and dogs, a 2 in 1 formula that has been intelligently designed to help support teeth and freshen breath.

  • For healthy teeth and gums
  • 2 in 1 cleaning & freshening action
  • Edible and safe to digest
  • With parsley, eucalyptus & cinnamon oil
  • Calcium for healthy teeth
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free

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The Importance of Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene seems like a relatively small factor of overall health when you think about pets. However, the mouth is a probe through which dogs and cats explore and experience the world around them, and it acts as the first line of attack in breaking down food for the purpose of enhancing their overall sense of nourishment. It is therefore important that, as loving owners, we bestow upon them the dental care we would give to ourselves.

Double Trouble Dental Care

Denti-Care Toothpaste from Animigo has been specially formulated from a host of natural ingredients to bring high-quality dental care to your favourite furry friend. This toothpaste works to help support your cat or dogs teeth in two unique ways. Firstly a host of cleansing agents such as Calcium Carbonate aim to help deeply clean and strengthen teeth, then the natural plant oils from parsley seed, eucalyptus, and cinnamon oil work to provide an invigorating freshness to your cat or dogs breath. Many dental products carry the burden of being rife with hidden chemical and additives. However, at Animigo we have worked to bring you dental relief for your dog or cat that is free of artificial colours and sweeteners.

Key Ingredients


Calcium is the go-to ingredient in humans for dental health, and the same goes for pets! Calcium is a key mineral from which healthy teeth and bones are made and reinforced.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C
Also known as Ascorbic Acid, this vitamin has some great benefits for pets. It is known to help support the function of normal gums, which is important when it comes to pet dental care.

Natural Oils

Natural Oils
This dental care toothpaste for your pets has been made using a host of natural oils. This is to provide your furry friend with fresh breath and also so that it doesn’t upset their digestion.


The benefits are there but how do you get a pet to brush its teeth? No need to be doubled over with a toothbrush trying to clean your pet’s teeth as this 2 in 1 Denti-Care Toothpaste! Start by preparing your pet’s teeth for cleaning by gently stroking the outside of their cheeks with your fingers. Using the nozzle provided, apply the paste with care directly onto your dog’s gums just above the teeth and rub in a circular direction. Once in the mouth, the thick-textured paste moulds around their teeth and gums where they will then lick it off with their tongue - effectively cleaning their own teeth!

Small Cats
(up to 2.5kg)
¼ Teaspoon Daily
Large Cats
½ Teaspoon Daily
Small Dogs
(up to 10kg)
½ Teaspoon Daily
Medium Dogs
1 Teaspoon Daily


Calcium Carbonate, Purified Water, Glycerine, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Inulin, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Calcium Propionate, Ascorbic Acid, Aniseed Oil, Parsley Seed Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin.

Denti-Care Toothpaste 200 g Toothpaste | Edible Toothpaste for Cats and Dogs

Customer Reviews

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reviews 4.5

88.46% based on 25 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Good quality and value for money, cat loves it.

J Janetta
Verified Purchase

My dog had the most disgusting breath before we gave him this, now he smells like me just after a breath mint.

T Travis
Verified Purchase

Pamper my lovely Russian Blue too much and feed her a diet of sardines and kippers. She loves it but I certainly don’t when she licks my face! Pet Denti-Care has worked wonders though and I can keep feeding her the way I always have without the ghastly smell.

L Laura
Verified Purchase

My pug has been having some trouble eating bigger foods, we had him on dentastix but he just really didn't like them. Got him this and it’s just so easy to look after his teeth.

C Cillian
Verified Purchase

Great dental product, minimum work from me!

W Wilfred
Verified Purchase

Perfect product for bad breath!

C Craig
Verified Purchase

Cheap and loads of toothpaste in the product, will last ages!

E Evie
Verified Purchase

Never really cleaned my Labradors teeth before but she quite enjoys getting them cleaned with Animigo's product. Smells minty too.

G Gordon
Verified Purchase

I don't mind my dog licking my face as much now knowing her breath doesn't smell bad. All fresh and never realised the importance of dog oral care.

L Liam
Verified Purchase

Been searching a while for a toothpaste which our Buhund won't mind too much. Ordered with the Denti-Care powder and I tend to alternate between the two.

J Janet
Verified Purchase

It is a bit of a pain brushing my dog's teeth, but this is a good toothpaste

I Ian
Verified Purchase

All three of our dogs use these seeming as one of our dogs took a liking to it so they all think its what they should be doing ahah, well happy about this!

C Campbell
Verified Purchase

Freshens and whitens our dogs yellow gnashers!

J Jessica
Verified Purchase

No dog is really excited about getting their teeth cleaned but this works as long as you reward with a treat after..

J Junior
Verified Purchase

Easy to use , don't know how well it works yet as it's a long term thing keeping a dogs teeth healthy, we use dentastix also.

W Willow
Verified Purchase

Dog loves the taste and actually sits there waiting for her teeth to be brushed

P Patrick
Verified Purchase

Excellent service, quick postage, super prices. Most of all our dogs enjoys their teeth being cleaned with Animigo Denti-care, its effective.

W Wade
Verified Purchase

Keeps plaque away so all is well.

W Walter
Verified Purchase

Don't have to cover my nose because of the dog's bad breath every time I'm in the car with her now!!!

M Megan
Verified Purchase

Next day delivery, cant complain about this and by the size of the tube it will last a couple months.

C Charlotte
Verified Purchase

Just like a normal toothpaste but not as minty!

T Tara
Verified Purchase

I was going to use my toothpaste to clean my dog's teeth until I googled it and came across this! I am very glad I did and I have tried this twice now and it works like a charm.

J Jamilla
Verified Purchase

Smells is okay but it does the job so I'm happy

M Mike
Verified Purchase

Brushing my dog's teeth isn't that easy as he won't sit still, but I prefer this to other brands I have tried

M Mary
Verified Purchase

Actually smells quite nice for a dog toothpaste

S Seb

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