Denti-Care Powder

60 g Powder | Oral Support for Cats and Dogs


Naturally take care of your pet’s dental care needs with Animigo’s Denti-Care Powder! Cats and dogs are no strangers to exploring the world using their mouth which is why it’s important to ensure that your four-legged friend has access to the finest quality of oral care. Packed with pomegranate extract & peppermint oil, Denti-Care Powder is an oral supplement designed to help freshen your pet’s breath whilst taking care of their teeth and gums. Without the hassle of using pills or tablets, keep your pet healthy and happy with this convenient and easy to use powder now!

  • Helps with oral care and protection
  • Dual action formula
  • Freshens breath
  • Sourced from all-natural ingredients
  • With pomegranate extract & peppermint oil
  • Easy to manage powder
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free
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Taking A Bite Out Of Life

We, as human beings, like to take precautions with our physical health and wellbeing on a regular basis. Namely, most of us ensure that we have cared-for teeth and fresh breath courtesy of our morning and nightly oral hygiene routine. Looking after our dental needs is just as important for us as it is for cats and dogs - arguably they need it more since they use their mouths and teeth for far more than we do!

Denti-Care Powder

The pet care scientists at Animigo have worked tirelessly to bring you Denti-Care Powder, a 2 in 1 clean and freshen oral care formula that has been scientifically created to nourish and look after the mouth of your cat or dog. This dental powder has been sourced from only the finest natural ingredients such as Pomegranate Extract, Seaweed and Peppermint Oil. The Peppermint Oil, in particular, is of importance as it provides a welcome aura of minty freshness to help refresh your pet's breath, making them all the more hygienic.


A common issue that can arise when trying to supplement with cats or dogs is their unwillingness to consume a supplement. However, Denti-Care Powder’s easy to manage powder form can be easily mixed into food and beverages for servings that deliver incredible subtlety. The powder is also designed to stick inside the jawline and deep clean your pet’s teeth whilst they chew.


Seaweed Meal , Brewer’s Yeast, Natural Flavouring, Pomegranate Extract (Punica granatum), Peppermint Essential Oil, Parsley Seed Essential Oil.

Denti-Care Powder 60 g Powder | Oral Support for Cats and Dogs

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reviews 4.5

82.50% based on 23 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Very happy with the results so far, my dogs’s teeth have never looked so healthy.

B Brendan
Verified Purchase

My cat eats lots of fish and this can make his breath smell horrible and carry round the house. This powder helped get rid of the smell for good.

J Jake
Verified Purchase

Both my cat and dog are getting old but hate supplements which makes looking after them difficult! This powder slipped into their food no problem and that’s more peace of mind for me.

C Caitlin
Verified Purchase

So easy to give to them, smiling after just one scoop!

J Jess
Verified Purchase

Noticeably less yellow teeth from now which is fab!

S Sean
Verified Purchase

Helps keep our Pugs breath fresh and minty.

E Evan
Verified Purchase

Usually our Jack Russell gets smelly breath, this helped massively and now her breath is bearable.

M Michael
Verified Purchase

2 scoops a day and we brush our Retrievers teeth regularly. This keeps her mouth clean and smelling great, despite the stinky food he eats.

A Ashton
Verified Purchase

Never use to pay much attention to our Cockers oral care until recently but after brushing and giving her Denti-Care, her breath is fresher and teeth are cleaner.

F Freddie
Verified Purchase

Mixing with food is great and our puppy doesn't notice it in her food. Fast delivery as well.

J Joe
Verified Purchase

I quite like this powder, I just add it to my dog's food

P Pryanka
Verified Purchase

Really easy to disguise in food, make sure to use alongside dentastix and other toothpaste products for great oral health care

F Florence
Verified Purchase

Reduces Tartar Build Up according to the vets!

A Anya
Verified Purchase

2 scoops of this a day for our great dane is great, make sure to mix it in with wet food to disguise perfectly..

D Darcie
Verified Purchase

We get twice as much product online as we do in our local pet shop so is worth the buy for our three dogs.

S Sandrah
Verified Purchase

60g for £16.95 and bought this with the toothpaste and coenzyme q10. Free delivery no problems whatsoever.

L Lexi
Verified Purchase

Arrived next day and this powder is better for our border collie because she hates getting her teeth cleaned with the toothepaste, and spits it out. With the powder we get no problems.

S Scarlett
Verified Purchase

Love the powder, all three dogs seem to be not noticing this and it doesn't put them off their food.

E Eden
Verified Purchase

Pros: Looks good quality and a good price. Cons: The powder is a bit messy and can be hard to measure exactly.

C Cindra
Verified Purchase

This is a little bit messy, but apart from that it is good

S Suhas
Verified Purchase

my dog loves this!

L Louise
Verified Purchase

I guess it is working, he hasn't had any trouble with his teeth

F Ferdinand
Verified Purchase

The vet says her teeth are looking good so we will keep using this

A Andy

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