30 Capsules | Immunity Support Supplement


Looking to keep your pet's immune system prepped and ready? Echinacea for cats and dogs is a premium supplement to help you support your pet's natural immunity. With a potent 210mg of Echinacea extract in each and every capsule, it is the perfect way to help your pet's internal resistance to keep them feeling happy and healthy all year round.

  • Natural immunity supplement
  • Strengthens & protects
  • Supports your pet's resistance
  • 210mg strength per capsule
  • For cats & dogs of all sizes
  • Give whole or open & add to food
  • All Sizes & Breeds
  • Sprinkle Capsules
  • Gluten-free
  • GMP
  • Buy 1 $17.65
  • Buy 2 $31.76 $35.30 You Save 10%
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Strengthening your pet's immune system

When your pet's immune system is on top of its game, they’ll be running and playing happily without a care in the world. When their immune system is suffering though, they may be slouching around and not seeming themselves. Whilst it is important to deal with whatever is causing your dog an issue, it is arguably more important to keep their immune system at full strength at all times so that it can work better to fight off viruses, bacteria and infections. There are many natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can do this, as well as beneficial botanicals known to aid the immune system.

Can echinacea boost your dog's immune system?

A type of herb that comes from blue coneflowers, echinacea has been used for years to help with low immune system related issues such as colds, flus and respiratory infections. Before antibiotics were invented, the plant was used for similar reasons, but working in a different way. Rather than the herb fighting against bacteria within the body, it helps to strengthen the body's natural immune system so that it can be covered from the beginning. This can work the same in cats and dogs, making it a great natural ingredient to add to their diet to help strengthen their natural immunity.

When to give your pet echinacea

As echinacea works to help fortify and strengthen your pet's immunity, the best way to use the herb is not once they are already suffering, but as a preventative measure before it’s even happened. For this reason, it can be best to give your pet echinacea on an ongoing basis or when you believe they could be exposed to illness (such as when going to the kennels). As the plant works to prepare the body’s immune system against incoming bugs, it is recommended to use on and off for periods of time to really keep your pet's immune system fired up and ready.


To make things as quick and easy as possible when giving your pet a supplement, Echinacea for dogs and cats come in simple capsules. These can either be given to your pet whole, or, for those fussier four-legged friends, the capsules can be carefully opened and added to their usual meal. If your pet is still a bit cautious, you can try mixing it up to make sure they eat every last bit.

Small Dogs & Cats
(up to 10kg)
½ Capsule Daily or 1 on Alternate Days
Medium Dogs
1 Capsule Daily
Large Dogs
2 Capsules Daily


Echinacea Extract 4:1, Bulking Agent: Brown Rice Flour, Anti-Caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate, Vegetable HPMC Capsule.

Echinacea 30 Capsules | Immunity Support Supplement

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reviews 4.5

90.97% based on 30 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Good buy as far as I’m concerned.

S Sarah T
Verified Purchase

Used this product for a while now, struggling to find Echinacea for pets without it containing other rubbish contents. Good job

J Janetta
Verified Purchase

Great product

S Sara H
Verified Purchase

The product was easy to order online and delivery received within a few days.

M Martin
Verified Purchase

Prompt delivery but couldn't comment properly on the quality as it is for our dog. She seems happy with it but wouldn't commit further!

M Martin
Verified Purchase

the shipping was fast and herbs are working

A Asia E
Verified Purchase

Excellent product

A Adam B
Verified Purchase

I use echinacea for myself so when I can across this dog version I knew it would be great and my dog has not got sick yet so it must be working

H Holly
Verified Purchase

I normally don’t buy capsules as they’re a pain to get my cat to eat, but these you can open and put in his food so makes it a lot easier

Y Yolanda
Verified Purchase

These are good but wish there were more in the pack

S Steven
Verified Purchase

Normally I hate having to give a pill to my dog as he struggles so much and just spits it out. These are AMAZING as if he is in a good mood he will take it and if he is being annoying I just sprinkle it and mix it with his food!

C Cecily
Verified Purchase

Love how I can give these to both my cat and dog and no longer have to buy for each of them

P Pat
Verified Purchase

Working so far!

S Sara
Verified Purchase

Our dog seems a lot happier now

B Bob
Verified Purchase

If only there was a bigger quantity as our dogs love them a lot! Will be buying again!

C Catherine
Verified Purchase

Recommended these by researching on the internet, really beneficial so far

J Jackson
Verified Purchase

Echinacea has been great so far for us, noticed our Pug isn't slouching all of the time now

L Liam
Verified Purchase

Noticed these really fend off viruses and bacteria infections, especially in the summertime!

P Pete
Verified Purchase

Really insightful information and persuaded me to buy - was definitely worth it!

T Troy
Verified Purchase

Really helped our Bulldogs immune system, this has been playing up for a while now.

C Camila
Verified Purchase

Our dog used to get poorly quite often but since introducing her to this she's been fine

P Peter
Verified Purchase

Really fixed our cats immune system, wife & I are happy again now!

E Elijah
Verified Purchase


S Stacey
Verified Purchase

So easy to use these capsules - best I've come across

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Now our Terrier is getting much older now, I have found these capsules keep her immune system in tact. Feel like she is more susceptible to catching nasty viruses now she is older, but these are keeping her healthy.

J Jason
Verified Purchase

Reassuring that Animigo only uses natural ingredients

J Jerome
Verified Purchase

My dog kept getting ill so my vet recommended echinacea so I tried this and it seems to be making him a lot better

L Lula
Verified Purchase

My dog hasn't been ill since taking this so must be doing something

R Ruby
Verified Purchase


E Erica
Verified Purchase

I really like that it is natural and cruelty free

E Elsa

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