Essential Coat for Dogs

Natural Skin & Coat Formula


Tired of looking after your dog's coat but not seeing the results you want? Essential Coat is a natural liquid supplement designed to help you care for your dog's skin and fur from the inside out. Rich in essential fatty acids including Omega 3 and Gamma Linoleic Acid, this easy to use supplement is the ideal way to achieve that show-winning look on a daily basis.

  • For a beautiful glossy coat
  • Helps with itchy skin
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • With Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA)
  • For dogs of all sizes
  • Syringe included for easy use
  • All Sizes & Breeds
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free

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Achieving a glossy coat

You can brush, shampoo and condition your pooch on a daily basis, but there are still ways to help them achieve that award-winning look. When it comes to your pet, it is equally important to care for them from the inside as it is the outside. Some of the best nutrition for your dog's coat is to add essential fatty acids into their diets. These fats help to stimulate the oil production in our skin, meaning they can help balance dry skin and keep fur looking shiny.

Key ingredients

Maize Oil
Maize Oil

Also known as corn oil, this natural vegetable oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. These are great for the health of your dog's skin and coat as they can aid dry skin and help your dog's fur to look shiny and luscious.

Evening Primrose Oil
Evening Primrose Oil

An amazing and well-known plant oil, evening primrose can help your dog as it is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an Omega 6 fatty acid. Just like Omega 3, this is great for the health of your dog's skin and coat.

Cod Liver Oil
Cod Liver Oil

A well-renowned fish oil, cod is amazing for your dog in many aspects. Not only can the Omega 3 found inside help your dog's appearance, it can also help you look after their brain, heart, bones and joints.


Thanks to it’s easy to use liquid supplement form, Essential Coat is a great option for those dogs that won’t take pills. All you have to do is simply measure out the correct amount dependant on their size, then add to their regular feed. Depending on preference, we recommend to mix this in with the food to make sure they consume the full amount.

Small Dogs
Small Dogs
(up to 10kg)
1ml Daily
Expected 8 Months
Medium Dogs
Medium Dogs
2ml Daily
Expected 4 Months
Large Dogs
Large Dogs
3ml Daily
Expected 2 ½ Months
Giant Dogs
Giant Dogs
4ml Daily
Expected 2 Months


Maize Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Cod Liver Oil

Essential Coat for Dogs Natural Skin & Coat Formula

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reviews 4.5

86.09% based on 22 Reviews

Verified Purchase

This is really good for my dog, he competes in shows so will try anything to give us that edge!

C Carol
Verified Purchase

I like the liquid, much better than pills

E Erin
Verified Purchase

My dog's skin is less dry and she is itching less so it must be working

M Matteo
Verified Purchase

I have 3 different breeds of dog who are different sizes. I now finally have a solution that can be used for all 3 of them rather than me having to go and find 3 types of solutions for each of them

P Paula
Verified Purchase

Was unsure about using the syringe but it's so easy to use!

A Alex
Verified Purchase

Amazing product! Love this

F Francesca
Verified Purchase

Great results. Our dog doesn't like taking pills and so this is great for him

A Aisling
Verified Purchase

Never seen our dog's fur look so shiny!!!

V Vicky
Verified Purchase

Can be hard to use the syringe sometimes but overall a good product

J Jenny
Verified Purchase

Never seen our dog's coat look so glossy and shiny!

M Mel
Verified Purchase

Wow, she is shining bright now!

M Matthew
Verified Purchase

Worked so fast!

H Hakim
Verified Purchase

Use this on both of our dogs and everyone says how much cleaner and glossy it makes them look

G Garry
Verified Purchase

The directions made it so simple to use!

G Georgia
Verified Purchase

Our dog won't take tablets so this is the best alternative!

F Franky
Verified Purchase

Noticed our dog has been scratching a lot less since we gave him this

P Penny
Verified Purchase

Mixing this with food is completely unnoticeable, handy little pipette comes with it too.

K Kaspar
Verified Purchase

Fantastic! Will be buying again!

C Cindy
Verified Purchase

Fairly easy to use but sometimes my dog is in a mood and spills it.

T Terrance
Verified Purchase

never has my dog's coat looked so good!! I can't believe it!!

S Sharah
Verified Purchase

A bit messy as my dog is very hyper, but the results are good

L Levi
Verified Purchase

Its a bit hard to use sometimes but I like it apart from that

J Jaki

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