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Evening Primrose Oil

500mg 60 Softgels | Skin & Coat Care for Dogs & Cats
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Animigo’s premium Evening Primrose Oil supplement is a simple way to help support your pet's skin and coat from the inside. With a potent strength of 500mg, these softgels are a rich source of essential fatty acids that can also help to look after hormone levels and the bones and joints. In simple softgel form, this supplement maximises absorption and are easy to give your pet, making sure they are getting only the best.

  • Supports healthy skin & coat
  • For balanced hormone levels
  • Potent 500mg per softgel
  • Source of Linoleic Acid (LA)
  • Rich in Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)
  • Easy to swallow softgels
  • All Sizes & Breeds
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free

Achieving healthy skin & coat from within

You can groom your pet all day long, but if you’re only looking after their skin and coat from the outside then it is never going to fully look it’s best. To achieve that award-winning look, you need to make sure you’re providing your cat or dog with essential nutrition that works from the inside. Some of the best nutrition for healthy skin and a glossy coat is in vitamins and minerals as well as essential fatty acids. These play a key role in your pet’s general health and a massive part in maintaining their looks.

Evening Primrose Oil benefits

Skin & Coat

Skin & Coat
Evening Primrose Oil is known for being a rich source of the Omega 6 fatty acid Gamma-Linolenic Acid, or GLA. This is said to help the health of the skin and coat in pets. Providing an external supplementation of GLA can also help boost internal levels to support dry, red and itchy skin.


The Omega 6 fatty acid GLA is also popularly used for normal hormone balance within cats and dogs. Being a rich source of these fatty acids means that Evening Primrose Oil can help with naturally supporting general hormone function, which is also known to influence behaviour and fur quality.

Bones & Joints

Bones & Joints
The essential fatty acids found within Evening Primrose Oil, including Gamma Linolenic Acid, are said to play a role in the maintenance of the joints and their function as well as cell structure. As a result, it is widely used to help keep the bones and joints healthy and running smoothly.


Do you find it hard giving your pet a supplement? To make things easier for both you and your pets, Animigo’s Evening Primrose Oil comes in simple softgel capsules. Not only are these said to be more easily absorbed by the body, but they are also small and soft enough to easily be hidden in your pet’s food, making them a top choice for those fussier furry friends.

Small Cats & Dogs
(up to 10kg)
1 Softgel Daily
Medium Dogs
2 Softgels Daily
Medium Dogs
3 Softgels Daily
Large Dogs
4 Softgels Daily


Evening Primrose Oil, Gelatin Capsule (Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water).

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  • My dog's fur has never looked better

    S Samantha

  • My dog likes taking this but my cat has a bit of trouble

    K Kai

  • good

    B Barb

  • Sometimes have a bit of trouble giving it to my cat, but it is worth it as her fur is the best it has been

    M Marcial

  • Helped my greyhound's moulting problem - got to work only after a few days

    C Callum

  • Noticed some red patches starting to appear as a result of our dog's scratching. Since we gave him this he has calmed down with his scratching

    M Maura

  • Our dog doesn't take pills from my hand but finds these easy to take

    B Ben

  • Noticed a lot less hairs on the seats of the cars when we take our german shepherd out for a walk!

    D Daniel

  • My cat's skin looks a lot better and healthier with this

    M Marc

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