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Hairball Aid - Animigo

Hairball Aid

120 Tablets | Hairball Tablets For Cats


Is your cat constantly coughing up hairballs around the house? Hairball Aid is a natural supplement designed to help the occurrence of unsightly hairballs. The new & improved formula uses natural ingredients such as Flaxseed, Psyllium husk powder, Pumpkin Seed & more. These delicious and easy to take tablets can help you to look after your cat's digestion and fur quality without having to resort to unwanted chemicals or lubricants.

  • Helps cats with hairballs
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • High in natural fibres
  • With Flaxseed, Psyllium Husk Powder and Pumpkin Seed
  • Chicken flavoured tablets
  • No petroleum, lubricant or laxatives
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose Free
  • Expert Formula
  • Cruelty-Free
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Dealing with cat hairballs

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve most likely come across a hairball by now. They occur when a cat grooms themselves and the hairs get digested. Small amounts of hair can pass through their body and out the other side with no issues, but when there is too much it can cause them to bring them back up. Whilst cat grooming is completely natural and a good practice for your cat's wellbeing, it can be unpleasant if they continually cough up hairballs.

To help deal with your cat's hairballs, you can try brushing them every day in order to remove excess hairs before your cat can ingest them. Another, and possibly simpler, option is to try a natural hairball remedy for cats. When choosing yours, try avoiding those that are petroleum or lubricant based as these can cause unintended harm to your feline friend. Instead, the best option could be something that contains fibre to help keep the gastrointestinal tract running smoothly as well as ingredients to help the health and quality of your cat's fur and control shedding.

Key ingredients


When it comes to giving our pet needed nutrition, it can be a real struggle! For those cats that just won’t take a pill or powder supplement, there are now easy to take chicken flavored tablets. Effortless and gentle on the mouth and with deliciously meaty flavours, the Hairball Aid tablets act as a daily nutritional treat your cat can enjoy.

Recommended Dosage- Give 2 tablets daily. Split the daily servings across meals. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose in 12 hours. Ensure your pet always has access to fresh drinking water.


Brewers Yeast Powder (Saccharomy-ces Cerevisiae), Flaxseed (Linseed) Powder, Psyllium Husk Powder, Pumpkin Protein, Brown Rice Flour (Gluten Free), Flavouring: Chicken, Bulking Agent: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate Granular DC, Anti-Caking Agents: Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide.

Food Supplements must not replace your pet's balanced diet. If your pet is currently being given any medication, please consult your vet before use. Do not give this product to your pet if they are pregnant or lactating.

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Verified Purchase

Using this product in combination with a fur ball diet. Easy to use. My cat loves them. He has a sensitive stomach and no issues caused. Watch this space!

J Jo W
Verified Purchase

Seams to agree with the cat and have not had any hair balls since

P Peter D
Verified Purchase

My little princess is a lot better after taking these for her furballs to remove without any op thanks Cazz

C Carol D
Verified Purchase

Excellent just wot I need I find the paste to paw not suitable and same as tablets

J Jeffrey M
Verified Purchase

Good product, which also crumbles so u can add to food if they wont take whole thing.

D Deborah S
Verified Purchase

My cats are doing well with these

W William
Verified Purchase

Very easy to use, I like them and so does my cat

L Lynn
Verified Purchase

I've never seen something like this in soft chew form - amazing!

A Ana
Verified Purchase

Our cat is leaving a lot less hairballs than before

E Elsa
Verified Purchase

Haven't seen a sight of a hairball for weeks!

J Jamie

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