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Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth Without Brushing

To brush, or not to brush. That is the question you may ask yourself when it comes to your dog's teeth. Just like with our teeth, dental care is a big part of keeping a dog healthy and happy. Our curious little critters like wrapping their teeth around just about everything, so they're bound to put their teeth in jeopardy on a regular basis. Sadly, it can be hard to explain to a dog why you need to stick a brush in their mouth. After all, they're not the best listeners. This can make manual teeth-brushing a bit of a nightmare. If you don't want to train your dog to accept having their teeth brushed, then thankfully, you have other options available. Here, we'll tell you everything you need to know about cleaning dog teeth without brushing.


You know what they say about dogs and their bones. Your furry friend likely loves to chew on one. And the best thing about it is that it actually helps their teeth too! By chewing the bone, your dog's mouth will naturally remove tartar and plaque that builds up around the base of the teeth. This is the simplest and most readily available alternative around because your dog probably has a bone already!

However, there are some things to bear in mind. Firstly, don't give your dog a cooked bone. They can crack, cut your dog's mouth or get stuck in their throat—a big no-no. Make sure the bone is uncooked, and you're golden. Secondly, bones can carry a lot of germs on them, so make sure you only let your dog chew it in a specific area so you can clean up after him and keep the rest of the household germ-free.

Dog Chews

These work in much the same way bones do, naturally helping your dog keep their teeth clean without the need of a toothbrush. You can find chews fashioned from all types of animals, from leathery rawhide to specially crafted dental chews. They're edible, so you don't have to worry about cleaning up. They just take some time to chew through.

Soft Chews

Soft chews are the perfect way to trick your dog into cleaning their teeth. They're chewable tablets disguised as treats, and come in lots of shapes and flavours. Animigo's Dental Care, for instance, helps support healthy teeth and gums with a rich blend of vitamins like Vitamin C, minerals like Calcium and Magnesium, and other ingredients known for their teeth-strengthening benefits. It works for dogs of all shapes and sizes too, as you can adjust the daily dosage for smaller and larger dogs alike. They even work for cats too, if you have a feline friend slinking around the homestead.

Dental Toys

Since it can be hard to brush dog teeth, clever inventors found a workaround. They designed toys that actually release dog-friendly toothpaste as they chew! Dental toys are quite popular at the moment, but bear in mind that they're not always the most resilient option. If your dog has a particularly powerful jaw or bite, they could chew right through them and potentially swallow the plastic they're made from. Obviously, this isn't ideal. You don't want to avoid going to a doggy orthodontist only to then have to take them to the vet!

Dental Wipes

Wet wipes for the teeth. Dental wipes can be a quick and easy alternative to cleaning your dog's teeth without brushing. While their ease of use can be a benefit, they're also less likely to tackle plaque and tartar buildup properly. Plus, as their single-use, they might end up costing more in the long run.

Fruit and Veg

Yep, even fresh fruit and veg can be used to clean your dog's teeth. Freeze up some sweet potato chunks or carrot and let them chew their way to healthier teeth. Not only do they give them a boost of vitamins and minerals, but they're also cheap to buy and 100% natural. On the downside, they aren't so good at getting rid of tough plaque and tartar buildup.

Now you know all about cleaning dog teeth without brushing! Of course, if none of these options floats your boat, you can prepare your dog for an actual toothbrush. See how these alternatives work for you and you pawed pal, and take it from there.

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