Kelp Seaweed

Skin & Coat Formula for Cats & Dogs


One of the richest sources of essential vitamins and minerals available, Kelp Seaweed is hugely beneficial for your pet. As a result, not only can it be great for helping you to give your pet the nutritional profile needed for strong skin and a beautiful coat, but it can also support their health and wellbeing as a whole.

  • For healthy skin & a glossy coat
  • Supports general wellbeing
  • Potent 500mg strength per capsule
  • Rich source of iodine, vitamins & minerals
  • Consume capsules whole or add to food
  • For cats & dogs of all sizes
  • All Sizes & Breeds
  • Sprinkle Capsules
  • Gluten-free
  • GMP
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Pet nutrition for their skin & coat

No matter how good your grooming routine is, for that blue ribbon look you’ll need to also care for your pet from the inside. Nutrition is key to keeping their skin and coat healthy, which is why caring for their insides can also care for their outsides. There are a whole host of vitamins and minerals you can add to your pet's diet to not only improve their overall wellbeing, but also help the look and feel of their skin and coat. Natural supplements are a great choice for delivering multiple nutrients all in one go.

What is kelp seaweed?

Considered a magnificent superfood, sea kelp is truly magnificent for the health of both humans and animals. Kelp is a type of algae seaweed that grows in what is known as ‘underwater forests’ in shallow oceans and has been around for millions of years. What makes kelp seaweed so amazing for the health of our pets though, is its rich nutritional value. One of the main well-known minerals found within sea kelp is iodine, but Kelp is also a rich natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E as well as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Kelp seaweed benefits


These natural capsules are designed to be eaten whole, but for those more picky pets, the capsules can also be opened and the contents added to their usual meal. This allows for versatile use dependant on your pet's needs and for quick and convenient delivery of the active ingredients.


Kelp Powder, Bulking Agent: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Kelp Extract 4:1, Anti-Caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate, Vegetable HPMC Capsule.

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reviews 4.5

87.14% based on 27 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Well packaged, too early tortellini if the product has the desired effect, but dogs look happy!

S Sharon T
Verified Purchase

I am very pleased with this product which will be beneficial for my cat.

c customer W
Verified Purchase

Is very good my cat she don't feel when she eat it so I am very happy about , I highly recommend

M MadalinaPupaza
Verified Purchase

My dog is getting a bit old recently, and it has been showing in his coat (starting to loose its glossiness). I bought this product and was pleasantly surprised when his coat made a turn for the better after a couple of weeks! He even seems to have a bit more energy, but I suppose that could be because it’s summer time! Will keep buying and would recommend to a friend

J James
Verified Purchase

Only just started giving this to my dog but overall very happy with what I am seeing so far. She is the pickiest eater, even more than my kids! But mixing this into her food has been easy and she is none the wiser!

E Emma
Verified Purchase

Picked this up recently (first time buying online supplements). Same results as the stuff I was buying at my local pet shop but miles cheaper. Worth it!

M Matthew
Verified Purchase

Gave this to my spaniel and she loves it, almost prefers them to her treats! And she’s been looking very shiny recently too!

S Scott
Verified Purchase

I gave this to both my 2 Labradors and my Persian cat and their fur has never looked better!

L Lisa
Verified Purchase

My dogs didn't want to take them whole but loved them as part of the food. Good results too!

C Chris
Verified Purchase

Fantastic! Could see the difference after a few days of using!

J Jemma
Verified Purchase

Actually noticed that my cat's reflexes have improved recently and his health in general

M Mark
Verified Purchase

Being a veggie myself I only give my dog and cat vegetarian foods. I've found it really hard to find any vegetarian supplements for my pets but I finally found the answer!

A Annie
Verified Purchase

Nice to know I'm only giving my cat natural ingredients rather than dodgy chemicals!!!

J Joe
Verified Purchase

Struggled to give my dog capsules before but he took to these really quickly

L Linda
Verified Purchase

Give one of these to our dogs a day and great results.

A Andy
Verified Purchase

Kelp seaweed capsules has worked for us for years now.

E Emma
Verified Purchase

Bought this along with the Essential Coat Oil - they complement each other so well!

L Lisa
Verified Purchase

Can see a really big difference in my dog's fur!

J Joe
Verified Purchase

Have been using these chews and they are like a 5 in 1 supplement so well worth it

M Maya
Verified Purchase

Helps keep a thick, lucious and shiny coat.

A Amy
Verified Purchase

We have 2 dogs who are different sizes - this saved me having to go out and buy specific supplements for each of them as the Kelp is suitable for both!

T Tanima
Verified Purchase

1 capsule a day per dog is what we use and keeps them looking lush and feeling fantastic

E Eglantine
Verified Purchase

Cat doesn't notice this in her food! Brill!

S Sue
Verified Purchase

My dog takes this okay and I hope for good results

K Kerry
Verified Purchase

my dog's hair looks shiner now and it has been really helpful with show season approaching

D Daniella
Verified Purchase

My dog's fur is so shiny now

C Carter
Verified Purchase

Good quality

J Judith

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