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Multi Vitamin Powder

Premium Vitality Supplement

At Animigo we understand that not all cats and dogs are the same. We then asked ourselves, why not develop a pet-friendly supplement that can be taken as a natural aid to suit your pet’s vitality no matter what? We then developed our Multi Vitamin Powder, a premium supplement full of vitamins and minerals carefully chosen to support the health and wellbeing of your beloved pet.

  • Ideal for active or working cats & dogs
  • Can support lactating pets
  • Useful for those in recovery
  • Rich in natural vitamins & minerals
  • With taurine for energy
  • Easy to manage powder form
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free

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Maintaining Vitality for Cats and Dogs

Your cat or dog is your loyal friend, and it is only fair that you want the best standard of life for them that you can possibly provide. The best quality health is mostly about exercise, care, and a balanced diet, but there are also additional supplementary steps that you can take to help optimise your furry companions’ vitality, that can be mixed effortlessly into their daily routine. These can ensure that your cat or dog gets the best out of life.

Multi Vitamin Powder

A multi-use internal formula for cats and dogs, this supplementary powerhouse has been carefully crafted from a diverse range of active natural ingredients so that it can be tailored to suit your pet’s specific needs. This supplement contains a hearty helping of vitamins and minerals that your furry companion may not be getting from their normal diet, which acts to help support their overall wellness and vitality. There are also ingredients such as Arginine and Taurine which can help support growth, repair and energy.

Micronutrient Complex

Micronutrient Complex
This supplement is multi in more than just purpose as it contains a multivitamin and mineral complex. Vitamins and Minerals are essential for maintaining great health and a feeling of wellness.


Our Multi Vitamin Powder is ideal for active or working pets which is why it includes Taurine, a natural ingredient in many energy drinks to give your pet a boost of energy.


Arginine is one of the famous Amino Acids. These are the building blocks of all proteins in your cat or dogs body and the synthesis of protein is a vital process in muscle growth and repair.


Does your dog or cat not like it when you put supplements in front of them to eat? You needn’t worry with Multi Vitamin Powder because this supplement comes in an incredibly subtle powder form. This means that it can be easily mixed into your pet’s normal food, for amazing health and wellbeing benefits that they don’t even notice.

Cats & Small Dogs
(up to 5kg)
1 Gram Daily
Medium Dogs
2 Grams Daily
Medium Dogs
3 Grams Daily
Large Dogs
4 Grams Daily


Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Choline Chloride, Taurine, Methionine, Arginine, Niacinamide, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B2, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Iodine

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Multi Vitamin Powder Premium Vitality Supplement

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reviews 4.5

83.33% based on 24 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Recently got this for my collie. I never knew that such a supplement existed. She works very hard and has been a great help to me and my family for years so it gives me peace of mind knowing I can look after her wellbeing.

J Jeff
Verified Purchase

My cat needed a pick me up after giving birth to her kittens. I heard from a friend that they are a bit more vulnerable after giving birth. I gave her this and she was right as rain in no time.

J Jaquiline
Verified Purchase

Really good supplement. Very happy with how it has affected my pets so far.

M Madeline
Verified Purchase

Such great value for money...I have a cat and just the one tub of this stuff at 1 gram per day, is going to last us ages, and he is really benefiting from it too.

J James
Verified Purchase

Just like us humans need multivitamins so do our dogs, great supplement

T Tyler
Verified Purchase

Gives me peace of mind knowing my dog is living a healthy life.

A Amelia
Verified Purchase

This product is one of the reasons that my dog is so old :)

J Jason
Verified Purchase

This tub lasts months and months which is fantastic

L Leo
Verified Purchase

Our pup doesn't mind it being added to her food at all and will happily eat it. Best of all, she is able to tolerate it which is a relief to me as she is finally getting the minerals and vitamins she needs.

E Emilia
Verified Purchase

Have added this supplement to ensure she has a proper balanced diet. Don't need to use much and she eats her food with no problems, make sure to disguise well and cook within the food if need be.

Z Zoey
Verified Purchase

My dog munched it ok but there is not much she would not eat. Getting chubby now...

A Aisha
Verified Purchase

I think this is good. Like it as it's natural and seems to be doing my old 12 yr old lab superb.

L Lucia
Verified Purchase

An excellent product and I'll definitely order more, when the powder is vanished.

B Bonnie
Verified Purchase

Our dog has a sensitive stomach and can only eat certain foods. This is helping him get the nutrients he needs that he would usually be missing out on

C Chad
Verified Purchase

Bought this multi vitamin to add my dog's food as she isn't eating a balanced diet. My dog has very severe food allergies and cant eat certain dog foods at all, this was a good way to get the extra nutrients and vitamins my dog needs seeming as she can't get them from the food itself.

I Izakk
Verified Purchase

200g will last you months upon months so worth the money.

S Stacey
Verified Purchase

Our cat has had a real boost in energy since we gave him this!

J Jermain
Verified Purchase

I take a multivitamin supplement myself, so I thought, why am I not giving one to my dog? I found this and it was a good price, had good ingredients and good quality. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

J Janet
Verified Purchase

easy to use and my dog will eat it. must be good.

E Erin
Verified Purchase

My dog seems to be a lot happier and has less issues so this is superb!

J Jo
Verified Purchase

Easy to use and my dog likes it

S Savannah
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