Pet Grooming Combo

500 ml Shampoo & 500 ml Conditioner | For Dogs & Cats
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Key Features

  • 5-in-1 formula for deep cleansing
  • Non-toxic & suitable for all breeds
  • Perfectly pH-balanced for cats & dogs


  • Gently removes dirt, tangles & foul odour
  • Makes your pet’s coat silky, smooth & shiny
  • With Lavender for deodorising smelly coats
  • Soothes your pet’s dry or itchy skin
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Cruelty-Free

What’s in Our Pet Grooming Combo?

Just like us humans, your pets also deserve a makeover! That’s why we have created our 2-in-1 Pet Grooming Combo offering a pet shampoo and a pet conditioner for comfortable at-home grooming of your furry friend. Using a 5-in-1 gentle formula, these pet grooming products help cleanse, condition, soothe, detangle and deodorise your pet’s fur and coat. So take care of your pet’s skin and give your pooch or kitty a ‘purrfect’ makeover with our Pet Grooming Combo today!

How Does Our Grooming Combo Help Your Pet?

It’s always fun to watch our pets jump and play outside. But that dirty, smelly coat after playing outdoors simply can’t be ignored. That’s where our Grooming Combo comes to the rescue.

Why Choose Our Pet Grooming Combo?

Here’s what makes our pet shampoo and conditioner stand out from the rest!

  • Formulated by pet lovers after intensive research, keeping your pet’s needs in mind
  • Has a pH-balanced & hypoallergenic formula to be gentle on your furry friend’s skin
  • 100% goodness of nature - no harsh chemicals for your loyal companions
  • 500 ml shampoo and 500 ml conditioner can help you groom your adorable pet multiple times
  • Suitable for grooming dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee so you can try grooming your pet risk-free!
  • Save 10% more on this Grooming combo than on individual grooming products


Grooming Shampoo: Aqua (45.5% ), Sodium Coconutoyl Glycine (12%), Sodium Coconutoyl Glutamate (12%), Cocamidopropyl Hydroxy Sultaine (9%), Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate (8% ), Glycerin (5% ), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil (5% ), Citric Acid (2%), Polyglycerol-2 Stearate (0.9% ), DMDM Hydantoin (0.4% ), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Polyquaternium-10 (0.1%), Fragrance (0.1%).

Grooming Conditioner: Aqua (50% ), Persea Americana (Avocado) Oil (6%), Lavandula (Lavender) Oil (6%), Cocos Nucifera L. (Coconut) Oil (6%), Matricaria Chamomilla (Chamomile) Oil (5% ), Mineral Oil (5% ), Octadecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride (3.5%), Citric Acid (3%), Cetearyl Alcohol (3%), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (3%), Stearyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride (2.5%), PEG-100 Stearate (2%), PEG-100 Glyceryl Stearate Ester (2%), Methyl Isothiazolinone (2%), Fragrance (1%).

Directions To Use Grooming Shampoo

Simply follow the steps shown below to shampoo your pet’s hair and skin thoroughly.

Directions To Use Grooming Conditioner

To apply the Grooming Conditioner, follow the steps shown below.


Use the shampoo as and when needed and the amount of product you need to use will depend on your pet’s size. If preferred, you can also mix the conditioner with a small amount of water before applying it to your pet’s fur. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth and genitals. In case of any irritation or reaction, please consult your veterinarian

Do they really work?

A quick look at our reviews will show you how much our customers' pets have benefitted from using our Grooming Shampoo and Grooming Conditioner! We have developed our cat and dog shampoo and conditioner with industry-leading natural ingredients to provide optimal results!

Why should I use different shampoos and conditioners for pets and humans?

Shampoos and conditioners used by humans are mostly loaded with chemicals that can have harmful side effects on your pets. Moreover, they have a pH that might not be suitable for pets. Animigo’s Grooming Shampoo and Conditioner have a particular pH balance that suits all dogs and cats and is gentle on their skin.

How often do I need to use this dog shampoo and conditioner?

You need to use our shampoo and conditioner as often as necessary. Just like humans, it is important to keep dogs and cats clean. Whenever they get dirty, you can shampoo their coat and apply the conditioner to keep it smooth and dirt-free.

How long do I leave the shampoo on my pet before washing it?

We recommend you leave the shampoo on for around 5 minutes on your pet and then wash it off thoroughly. You may also leave it on for some more time to clean stubborn dirt or stains on their fur or skin.

Are there any side effects of this shampoo and conditioner?

We pride ourselves on using all-natural ingredients in our products, which means there are no known negative side effects and you can have peace of mind while using Grooming Conditioner on your pet.

Are these suitable for both dogs and cats of all ages?

Yes, our Grooming Shampoo and Grooming Conditioner are formulated to be suitable for both dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and breeds.

What if they don't suit my pet?

We are confident that your pet will love our products, but we also understand that every pet is slightly different and may not feel the effects in the same way. We value our customers and want to make sure that they are 100% happy with their purchase which is why we offer our full money-back guarantee! If they don’t work for your pet, we will refund you for your order!

Customer Reviews

At Animigo we strive to offer the best possible customer experience and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

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90.00% based on 11 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Best product

l laurentiu E
Verified Purchase

A must-buy for dogs and cats! Really helps maintain their hygiene. Also, it offers better value for money than most other pet products on the market. I will stick to this one

T Tara
Verified Purchase

The combo offers the best value for money. Both the shampoo and the conditioner will last for long, so I don’t have to reorder frequently! Becky, my dog seems to be enjoying the showers also. So, am happy!

B Benny
Verified Purchase

Just used once. The products did a fantastic job in cleaning my pup. He was loaded with dirt! Now he looks so clean and fluffy. Will continue buying this.

G Genelia
Verified Purchase

Got my package within 2 days of ordering. Very impressive service! Both the products have an amazing smell. Hoping that my cat will enjoy taking a shower with these

B Brittany
Verified Purchase

5/5 for this grooming combo. It comes at a lower price than the 2 grooming products bought together. So, obviously I am gonna buy this from now on!

S Sania
Verified Purchase

Both the shampoo and the conditioner helps differently in keeping my pet clean. Also, the Lavender smell is sooooooooo refreshing!!

D Daniel
Verified Purchase

My dog didn't prefer showering just like any other. But he seems to be enjoying his bath time with this shampoo and the conditioner. Really helps clean him within a short time.

A Alan
Verified Purchase

Perfect all-round solution for pet cleaning. Animigo really considers pets as humans and this shampoo and conditioner combo is a proof of it. Loved the combo!

S Stephanie
Verified Purchase

I used to buy the shampoo and the conditioner separately for my pet. These really help keep my doggo clean and fresh. But now I am getting these 2 in one combo, which is amazing! I am also saving more on this combo than the individual products

J Jacob

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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