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Nail Grinder for Cats & Dogs

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Grooming your pet’s nails can be a stressful chore to tackle if you’re not using the right technique or tool. The Nail Grinder by Animigo is a great alternative to clippers and trimmers and an effective and fast-grinding option for an easy grooming job. Designed with less than 50 dB noise, low vibrations and two-speed options, this nail grinder is very convenient, rechargeable and easy to use.

  • Features both high and low grinding speeds
  • Suitable for small, medium and large pets
  • Easy to use diamond bit grinder
  • Low noise and vibration, less than 50 Db
  • Portable and rechargeable
  • CE Certified
  • All Sizes & Breeds
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Looking after your pet’s nails is not only good for their cleanliness and wellbeing but also prevents them from damaging your furniture or causing infections. Our nail grinder is a stress-free solution to maintain your pet’s nails to a sensible length and can be done in the comfort of your own home or whilst you travel.

Key Features:

Features two grinding speeds: This nail grinder features two-speed options: low speed for accurate trimming and high speed for quick grinding.

3 Size Ports and 2 Grinding Wheels: This nail grinder has 3 ports with different sizes suitable for small, medium and large pets.

Ease of use: This nail grinder has a thick diamond-cut head which makes it convenient to use.

Quiet and Low vibrations: This nail grinder is designed with a unique technology with less than 50 decibels noise and low vibrations, leaving you and your pet with a stressless experience every time.

USB Rechargeable: The nail grinder comes with a 5V USB port cable, which makes it ideal for travelling. It can be charged by connecting to your laptop, AC adapter, in the car or with a power bank.

Tips and Warning: While using the tool, allow extra time for your pet to get used to the feel of the tool and the noise. Do not use it for too long on one nail to avoid heat build-up.

Directions to use the Nail Grinder:

  1. Before you use it directly on your pet, allow time for your pet to get familiar with the tool to avoid anxiety or nervousness during the grinding process. Make sure you offer treats as you work on the grinding process.
  2. Choose a suitable port depending on the size of your pet’s nails.
  3. To use, hold the Nail Grinder in one hand and your pet's paw in the other. Gently put each nail into the port for no longer than 5 seconds.
  4. To clean the Nail Grinder, remove the plastic cover in an anticlockwise direction. Then turn it on and gently clean the surface, first with a soft duster and later with tissue or cloth to ensure it works effectively.
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Nail Grinder for Cats & Dogs Device | Paw Grooming Tool

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90.48% based on 21 Reviews

Verified Purchase

I am very pleased with the design of the grinder and think it will do its job perfectly, as my little dog wasn't bothered at all, when first used on his claws, by the low noise or the grinder in use.

D Derek W
Verified Purchase

Our boy was very calm when he got his claws trimmed back and enjoyed it. We are happy with the product as it is quick and quiet!

E Emerald
Verified Purchase

Just received it today. She let me use it with no growling or pulling away. Could not be happier!

A Ash
Verified Purchase

Quieter than expected, great for a total amaetur! I have 2 shepherds and a greyhound, all of which needed their nails tidying up, after an initial bit of wriggling they let me carry on and it was done quickly and effectively, was a good purchase I’m happy with the results, thank you!

K Kell
Verified Purchase

Best nail grinder for pets ever! It takes a lot off so no need to actually cut anymore. Have a Ridgeback girl whose nails are like weeds so need to keep on top of them. Grind them every other week now and it works really well. Would definitely buy again!

R Ross
Verified Purchase

Really, really pleased with this. My dog literally goes crazy if he so much as sees the clippers! It was always a hassle to clip his nails, even at the vet's. So stressful for all round, not least the dog. Decided to give these a go and such a difference. Dog was relaxed and let me do his nails, even licking my arms as I did them! Very happy dog and very happy dog Mother!!!!

R Ruth
Verified Purchase

I like this product, its very quiet therefore doesn't scare my dogs. Works well and is comfortable to use. I would recommend this product 100%.

C Che
Verified Purchase

When I clip my dogs nails she has to be muzzled and held down as she will rip your hands to shreds. But with this she layed on the floor and let us do her nails with no muzzle or any problems

K Kate
Verified Purchase

I bought this to smoothen my dogs sharp claws. It is very quiet and my dog does not seen to mind it being used. It does take a while to take large amounts off but i may get better if i use it more.

G Gus
Verified Purchase

Well this has been a massive life saver for us! Our dog - Barney is absolutely petrified by anything touching his paws, mainly his front ones, we have taken him a few times to get his claws clipped and the stress is unbearable. Thought I'd give this grinder a go as last resort before sedation and Oh my days!! At first he was a little nervous but he allowed me to do it!! He is still a little more reluctant with his front claws but I'm absolutely over the moon that we found this. The noise is very quiet and it's easy to hold and use. Cheers Animigo.

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

I was looking for an alternative to nail clippers since I am always worried about doing it wrong and hurting my dog, someone suggested using a grinder like this one after doing a bit of looking around I stumbled across this one.

M Meghan
Verified Purchase

It works perfectly. It's quiet and efficient. I am so grateful, no more pulling the paw away, no more squeaking no more getting cross, my border terrier lies contentedly while I trim her claws. It's a Godsend.

T Ted
Verified Purchase

Arrived quickly and tried it on my dog...very quiet and did the dog never moved and so was much easier and safer than nail clippers that I previously used

S Steven
Verified Purchase

AMAZING for getting my retriever’s claws shorter. Well worth the money and seems to work well. Might even use for myself hehe

S Sarah
Verified Purchase

I have a large husky and I used it on all of her nails, The head took the nails down very quickly, with it being so quiet she just lay there and let me do it. I would definitely recommend this product.

M Matt
Verified Purchase

Works perfectly with my little sausage dog. You can hold it in your hand like a pen while you hold the dog and you can press the head on the nail as you require with precision and when you dog wriggles you can safely move it away.

S Stevie
Verified Purchase

l left the grinder on for my kitten to get used to the noise. I thought she would hate it, but she was fine. I managed to grind her paws perfectly, but l did have to give her a break half way through as she got a lil figgity, but there was no splintering and her claws looked lovely afterwards. As always l gave her a treat for being a good girl ????

P Pippa
Verified Purchase

So it was a nightmare to cut my dogs nails every time. I'm not joking if I say I was sweating and my dog (Shih Tzu) tried to escape from me at the moment she saw the clipper in my hand. I found this product, read the reviews, and I was like I have to give a try.

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

This has been a god send ! Dad holds him and we quickly grind the nail! Pain free and works really well! So impressed! Especially since lockdown as we havent been able to take them to groomers.

R Robyn
Verified Purchase

WHAT a difference. The grinding head dealt easily with her claws, operating quietly and effectively. She didn't resist at all and almost enjoyed the experience.

N Nina
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