Urinary Aid for Dogs

120 Tablets | Cranberry Complex Supplement


Is your dog having trouble urinating? Urinary Aid for Dogs are delicious soft chews designed to help you naturally support the wellbeing of your dog's urinary tract. Made with natural ingredients including Cranberry, these meaty flavoured soft chews are packed full of vitamins and minerals that are so great they can even help with maintaining their normal immune functions.

  • For a healthy urinary tract
  • New & improved formula
  • Maintains normal immune function
  • With Cranberry & D-Mannose
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Easy to take soft chews
  • Chicken liver flavour
  • Gluten-free
  • GMP
  • All Sizes & Breeds
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Urinary Incontinence In Dogs

Urinary incontinence happens when a usually house trained dog loses control of their bladder. This can be from a number of reasons including hormones, injury or an infection. You can usually notice this if your dog is urinating in unusual places. The first step should be to see a vet if you think it’s serious but there are a number of natural techniques and foods you can try to help your dog with their urinary tract health.

The Secret Of Cranberries

Not just for christmas, cranberries should be eaten all year round! These wonderful berries are packed full of beneficial nutrients, making them a superfood ingredient with a whole range of benefits. The main use of cranberries for dogs is for supporting their urinary health, making cranberries can be a great natural option for helping dogs with urinating problems. Packed with cranberries as well as D-Mannose, these delicious meaty flavoured soft chews are a convenient alternative to other supplements that your dog is sure to love!

Key Ingredients


To help your pooch get the most out of this supplement, provide them with the recommended daily amount twice daily for 1 to 3 weeks. To make things as easy as possible when it comes to providing nutrition to your dog, Urinary Aid comes in a yummy soft chew form. Gentle and easy on the mouth, they’re the perfect delicious and nutritious treat for your dog to chomp on.


Glycerine, Potato Flake, Brewer’s Yeast, Full Fat Linseed, Rapeseed Oil, Maltodextrin, Cranberry powder (8.4%), Echinacea Powder (4.8%), Oregon Grape Root, Astragalus Membranaceus, Tapioca, Marshmallow Root.

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Verified Purchase

After 1 week dose not seem to have helped much but as have not be able to get an appointment with the vet might be a more serious condition with the dog

R Rob S
Verified Purchase

Good product, my dog took it without any fuss and has helped him

K Kathleen K
Verified Purchase

Seems to be working

S Sean Y
Verified Purchase

Too early to tell after five days but my dog is enjoying them and seems to be urinating better

K Karen L
Verified Purchase

Very good

C Customer
Verified Purchase

Just a reliable product - it works!

M Martin W
Verified Purchase

Good product

M Mrs J
Verified Purchase

Working well for me

P Paul
Verified Purchase

This has really helped my little mate out recently

B Ben
Verified Purchase

The soft chews are so easy to use - our dogs actually think they are little treats now!

A Amelia

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