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Digestive Support for Dogs

300g Powder | Natural Supplement for Digestion
X2 -10%
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Digestive Support is a natural powder supplement designed to help bring balance and harmony to your dog's digestive tract. A healthy digestive system is key to your dog's overall wellbeing, which is why this support powder is packed full of a wide variety of helpful micro and macronutrients to nourish your dog's nutrition, all in a way that can be quickly and easily added to their daily food.

  • Designed for dog's digestion
  • High in protein and fibre
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Advanced Micronutrient complex
  • No added preservatives
  • Simply add powder to food
  • Vegan
  • All Sizes & Breeds
  • Probiotic
  • Vegetarian
  • GMP

Supporting your dog's digestion

In humans, maintaining functionality of the digestive tract is of importance for keeping us running smoothly and therefore feeling happy. The same goes for dogs, who need the love and tender care for their digestive system just as much as we do. That is why dogs can greatly benefit from including digestion-friendly nutrition in their diet to help support their overall body functionality. When doing this, being natural is always going to be best, so try incorporating more micronutrients, fibre, and friendly bacteria into your dog’s diet through either their food or supplements.

Digestive Support for Dogs

In order to help you care for your dog's digestion, this natural supplement calls upon a host of monosaccharides as well as a rich micronutrient complex that contains Calcium, Sodium and Fibre. Plenty of fibre is ideal to get into your dog’s diet as it works to help break down food in the digestive system, squeezing the goodness out of what your dog eats. Calcium is also ideal for your dog as it is known to contribute to the synthesis of digestive enzymes. In addition, handy proteins work in your dog's body to convert what your dog eats into fuel for the body, whilst a series of monosaccharides provide glucose for energy in a simple and natural form that can be easily broken down and used by your dog.

Digestive Support for Dogs benefits


Upkeeping and maintaining your dog’s digestion can lead to greater efficiency of digestive function. This means that if your dog can break down food better, it can get more out of its diet.


Digestion is one of your dogs the most important bodily functions as it dictates how they cultivate energy in addition to how they maintain the rest of their internal functions.

Skin & Coat

In order to keep the digestive system healthy and functioning properly it needs to be protected. Fibre is great for this as it is said to help flush out unwanted impurities and toxins.


At Animigo we understand how difficult it can be to try and get a dog to eat a supplement. For this reason, Digestive Support comes in an easy to consume and conceal powder form. To use, simply measure the correct dosage dependant on their size, then mix directly into your dog's meals or dilute in a small amount of water or milk as preferred.

Small Dogs
(up to 10kg)
During Digestive Issues - 2.5g
Maintenance - 1.5g
Medium Dogs
During Digestive Issues - 7.5g
Maintenance - 3.5g
Medium Dogs
During Digestive Issues - 7.5g
Maintenance - 3.5g
Large Dogs
During Digestive Issues - 10g
Maintenance - 5g


Mannan Oligosaccharides (Yeast Product), Fructo-oligosaccharides, Beta 1,3/1,6-glucans, Montmorillonite.

Customer Reviews

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  • He seems a lot happier and more himself since taking this

    T Trudy

  • I think it is working

    D Darrell

  • I think he seems a lot happier

    R Ron

  • I like that it has no preservatives and it has had no side effects for my dog so far

    J Julie

  • A friend recommended this to me and haven't looked back since!

    C Caz

  • Digestion has been a real big problem making our dog Archie really gassy. This sorted him out within a couple days.

    A Alan

  • Our dog hates taking tablets so this was a great alternative!

    T Tony

  • We noticed our sheepdog was behaving strangely recently. Gave him this and has been much better!

    B Benjamin

  • Great service! Customer service were really helpful with my queries too!

    S Shannon

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