Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis in Dogs

When we consider a medical problem that is incredibly common in elderly humans, we can find ourselves becoming detached from the fact that a lot of these issues can occur in dogs too. A prime example is Arthritis in dogs, and how dogs, much the same as humans, can experience the symptoms of arthritis and the complications that it is associated with.

So What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a very common disorder which typically occurs later in adult life. It is an issue that is experienced in the joints and is characterised by stiffness, a lack of mobility, and some often quite severe pain. These symptoms are often why you see some elderly people walking with sticks or in an unnatural posture, as a result of the symptoms of Arthritis.

How Would I know My Dog Has It?

The Symptoms of Arthritis in dogs, follow many of the same patterns as they do in humans. Is your dog seeming less voluntarily active? Do they struggle to move long distances or walk for a long time? Are they walking with a limp? These are all questions you should consider when thinking about whether your dog is experiencing Arthritis. If your dog is, pain relief for dogs Arthritis should be pursued immediately!

What Are The Causes of Arthritis in Dogs?

Unlike the symptoms of Arthritis in dogs, the causes are fairly varied in their nature. Once again, like with humans, age plays a large part as the symptoms can develop throughout life and then manifest later on. The cause of the stiffness and the pain is essentially inflammation in the affected joint as a result of rubbing between bones. This rubbing either comes with age, or it can be linked to previous trauma, which is why it is important to adopt a healthy recovery routine if your dog ever breaks a bone or has an accident. Arthritis can also get progressively worse over time, which is why it is important to apply a dog Arthritis treatment as soon as possible.

Arthritis Relief For Dogs

There are a few specific ways in which you can achieve pain relief for your dog and we will go in to some of them in a little more depth now.

A Proactive Pooch

A Proactive Pooch

Think of your dog's joints like the gears on a bike, if you leave the bike out and don’t use it, the gears gradually become stiff and rusty. In a strange way, the same goes for your beloved hairy companion. Take your dog on plenty of walks and make sure they get plenty of exercise to ensure that they are constantly exercising their skeletal muscles.

If your dog is already experiencing the symptoms of arthritis in dogs, it might be worth considering specific exercises as a natural pain relief for your dog. Swimming, for example, is a great way to help build the strength in your dog's joints if they are weak. I know you hate the drying them off part and can’t handle the embarrassment of everyone at the park looking whilst your pooch dives into the river, but swimming actually really helps strengthen the cartilage in the joints due to its non -load bearing nature.

Doggie Dieting

It’s also safe to say that dogs are a little more willing to eat whatever is in front of them than us humans, which gives them something of a biological edge when it comes to taking preventative measures for arthritis in dogs. Always check the label and make sure your furry friend is getting a nutritious meal that will do right by them. And this principle goes for micronutrients too. If you want to maximise your dog's nutrition, a balanced diet filled with fresh meats and fats for protein and hormone synthesis, and the best joint supplements for dogs wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Synthetic Remedies

There are plenty of supplementary avenues to take out there when it comes to treating your dog's Arthritis. The most commonly prescribed drugs are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) which act to reduce joint inflammation and consequently reduce pain levels. However, like many synthetic chemical remedies across the treatment of all complications, they can cause more problems than they solve, as side-effects can play a role depending on your dog’s specific scenario. Synthetic chemical remedies are strong and are always an option, but realistically they should only be taken up if pain relief for your dog cannot be achieved in any other way.

Natural Remedies

A far more amicable way to take preventive measures with regards to arthritis in your dog and the symptoms of it is to take the previously mentioned values of a balanced and healthy diet, and frequent hearty exercise, and complement them with natural remedies and supplements. Glucosamine & Chondroitin for dogs is a prime example of the kind of natural arthritis supplement that can be factored into your dog's livelihood. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound that you can find in shellfish, and it has been extensively studied in regard to its relationship to the repair of cartilage. Natural remedies can also be considered the kindest way to help your dog as they don’t rely on any stressful injections or procedures.

Natural Pain Relief and Prevention For Your Dog

Overall it is difficult to recommend a specific treatment for your dog as once again like humans, every dog is different. However, what we would say is that with that being said, dogs are people too, so the start is treating them that way.

  • Make sure your dog gets enough exercise on a daily basis to mobilise and use those joints before they run into problems with them. This will keep them happy and also keep them from becoming obese, and an overweight dog is more likely to put the kind of strain on their joints which often plays a role in the onset of arthritis.
  • Make sure you are looking after what your dog eats. A balanced diet that is broad in its nutrition is great for supporting natural growth and repair, as well as giving them fuel to run around.
  • Lastly, the finest natural supplements can help complement an already balanced diet and active lifestyle to ensure your dog's body is doing everything to help prevent arthritis on a cellular level!

Keep your dog following those three rules and they will fast be on the way to a longer and fuller life, where a pain in their joints, is the last thing you should be worrying about.

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