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When your pet is struggling with their joints, you want to do what you can to help. Glucosamine & Chondroitin is a premium supplement designed to help you care for your pet's joints. Made using natural ingredients, including the key compounds Glucosamine and Chondroitin, this supplement allows you to give your four legged pals the best, no matter their age, size or activity levels.

  • Designed for joints, cartilage and mobility
  • Supports an active lifestyle
  • Premium Glucosamine & Chondroitin
  • With natural Rosehip Extract
  • For cats & dogs of all sizes
  • All Sizes & Breeds
  • GMP
  • ISO
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Healthy joints in dogs and cats

Wondering why your pet is finding it difficult to run around, get up the stairs or jump up on the sofa? It may be just old age, but is most likely be due to stiff or painful joints. As our pets get older their joints will inevitably weaken, but this can also happen with younger animals in their prime. As a result, it is just as important to take a proactive step to care for your pet's joints throughout their lives as it is when they get older.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Two great natural ingredients that are considered very beneficial are Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which are naturally occurring compounds within cats and dogs. Glucosamine is used for cartilage whilst Chondroitin for comfort during movement. As your pet ages or through regular wear and tear, the natural levels of these two compounds slowly decrease which can result in pain, stiffness and a lack of movement. This therefore means that to help get your pal moving again and loving life, it is important to supplement the natural levels externally.

Supplement key ingredients

Here at Animigo we believe in offering you and your pets the best. This is why after in-depth research and development, we created our Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplement. By naturally sourcing and using the highest quality ingredients, we have our full trust in each and every capsule.


These premium capsules are designed to be eaten whole, but for those fussier pals, to make things a bit easier for both you and them the capsules can be opened and the contents added to their meal. During at least the first 3 months, we suggest following the provided directions. However, if after this time you feel that your pet is receiving the benefits, you can reduce their dosage until their personal maintenance level is established, usually 25-50% of the full amount.


D-Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCL, Chondroitin Sulfate Avian 180%, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Ginger Root Extract (Ratio 20:1), Rosehip Extract (Ratio 20:1), Turmeric Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Capsule Shell: Hypromellose (HPMC)


Avian source of Chondroitin
Split the daily servings across meals. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose in a 12 hour period. Ensure your pet always has access to fresh drinking water. Food Supplements must not replace your pet's balanced diet. If they are currently being given any medication, please consult your vet before use. Do not give this product to your pet if they are pregnant or lactating.

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92.26% based on 30 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Great product, i love that you can open the tablets and sprinkle contents in the food, so no stress trying to get your dog to eat a tablet. Great prices and quick delivery. My boy has only been on them 3 weeks but I can see a little difference in him already. Will be buying more.

c claire
Verified Purchase

Product Has helped my arthritic cat to move better thanks

S Samantha J
Verified Purchase

Cannot comment as my dog hasn't been taking them long enough.

M Mrs A
Verified Purchase

Does what it says on the tub. Makes our 15yr old girls life a lot better.

J Jon E
Verified Purchase

Seems to have improved my dogs arthritis. But I think it is overpriced.

M Mrs A
Verified Purchase

It keeps my old boy spritley.

M Mrs A
Verified Purchase

I didn’t realise how good these would be until I tried it, my terrier is now running around again!

H Henry
Verified Purchase

Can really see the difference in my dogs and cats who aren't getting any younger - they are running all over the place again!

S Sarah
Verified Purchase

My dog had been struggling to get up the stairs before we got this. Now he's up and down the stairs all the time - only downside is that he's been starting to wake us up very early again!

J John
Verified Purchase

My cat was a bit reluctant to eating it whole and so I added the contents of the capsules (as the directions state) - she couldn't tell the difference and you can see that she is moving more freely.

D Dan
Verified Purchase

Our labrador has had trouble walking recently and these capsules have saved us from regular trips to the vets

J Jess
Verified Purchase

I think I have the 2 fussiest cats in the world but they love this!

A Amy
Verified Purchase

Good product

M Margaret
Verified Purchase

Usually against giving my dogs any kind of supplements but these have been a revelation!

C Caroline
Verified Purchase

Have seen a good improvement in my dog over the last few months

S Steve
Verified Purchase

A slight improvement in my cat's walking but have only been using them for about a month.

L Luke
Verified Purchase

My dog is getting on now and he can't jump onto the sofa anymore and has trouble with the stairs. I really like this as it's all good ingredients and I really like how it is cruelty-free.

R Rhian
Verified Purchase

This helped reduced the limping after our cat jumped out of a tree and hurt her back legs

A Alex
Verified Purchase

These capsules improved our dogs walking, helps as he is getting older

A Amelia
Verified Purchase

Super chuffed with this purchase, helped the limps and joints quickly

K Kate
Verified Purchase

Wow, saved us probably about £100 from taking our cat to the vets. These worked very effectively

R Rachel
Verified Purchase

Safe to say these were super effective, got loads of capsules spare for if the problem comes back as well.

O Oli
Verified Purchase

Couldn't recommend this highly enough!

T Toby
Verified Purchase

Wasn't aware of the benefits of glucosamine and chondroitin - can really see them in my pooch now!

R Ralph
Verified Purchase

Capsules were better than the ones I bought at our local pet store.

J Jamie
Verified Purchase

starting to pay off now

M Mia
Verified Purchase

My dog is a lot more active now and can go on much longer walks thanks to this. He was also getting a bit overweight as he wasn't moving much so he is losing weight too.

L Lucile
Verified Purchase

He is moving more and doesn't have any trouble jumping on the fences or table now

F Felicity
Verified Purchase

My cat is so much more active now and I can see her jumping around a lot more so her legs must be doing a lot better

A Amy
Verified Purchase

My favourite supplement for my dog!! 100% recommend!

H Harriet

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