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Calming Aid for Dogs

60 Soft Chews | Calming Tablets for Dogs Animigo

When our pet is feeling stressed out, of course we want to help! In most situations though, we can’t always stop the source of the stress, but we can find ways to help them through it. Calming Aid for Dogs are delicious soft chews that use natural ingredients designed to help relax your dog during those tricky times. In tasty soft chew form, they’re easy to give to your four legged friend, and make dealing with a stressful situation that bit easier!

  • Ginger for sensitive stomachs
  • Ideal for travelling & separation issues
  • Useful during fireworks & thunderstorm
  • Soothing Chamomile & Passion Flower
  • Easy to take soft chews
  • Chicken liver & bacon flavour
  • Gluten-free
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free
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Stress in dogs

Does your dog bark like crazy or hide in a corner when they hear loud noises? Just like with humans, our pets can also suffer from fears and stress. This can also be common during travelling or when separated from their beloved pet parents. In most cases, we can’t avoid the thing they fear, but whether they turn to howling, pacing, shaking or destructive behaviour, you’ll need to help them through those tough times. To distract them, you can try giving them fun toys to focus on, tiring them out with a long walk or turning on the radio while you’re out. In addition to this, you can also give them a natural calming supplement that uses nutrition to help them keep their stress levels balanced during those more stressful situations.

Calming Aid for Dogs key ingredients

Brewer’s Yeast
Brewer’s Yeast

A safe and natural dietary supplement for dogs, Brewer’s Yeast contains a range of B vitamins as well as selenium, potassium, chromium, iron, zinc, and magnesium, all useful nutrition for helping your dog to stay relaxed.


Just like how people drink chamomile tea to help calm them down, your dog can also benefit from the relaxing properties of this plant. These calming properties can even aid digestive issues in your dog caused by stress.

Passion Flower
Passion Flower

This climbing vine with aromatic and fragrant flowers has been used for years as a calming agent as it can help support the mind, body and stomach. It can also be useful for getting your pooch off on a peaceful nights (or days!) sleep.


Stressful situations, especially travelling, can cause your dog to feel a bit under the weather. Ginger is a natural root that is widely used to help with stomach upset and nausea. This powerful spice is even said to be good for bloating.


Small Dogs
Small Dogs
(up to 4kg)
1 Soft chew daily
Medium Dogs
Medium Dogs
2 Soft chews daily
Medium Dogs
Medium Dogs
3 soft chews daily
Large Dogs
Large Dogs
4 soft chews daily

When looking to supplement your pets diet with added nutrition, there are different options to suit each pooch. For those fussier four-legged friends that won’t take pills, a soft chew could be the ideal choice. Soft, gentle and perfectly shaped, they’re easy for your dog to have a chomp on and with their tasty flavours, they are a delicious choice they’ll actually enjoy!


Brewer’s Yeast, Glycerine, Full Fat Linseed, Rapeseed Oil, Potato Flake, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Ginger (2.3%), Maltodextrin, Tapioca.

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Calming Aid for Dogs 60 Soft Chews | Calming Tablets for Dogs

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85.83% based on 24 Reviews

Verified Purchase

We just took our lab on a camping holiday to devon and it was a lot better when she got in the car with these!

D David
Verified Purchase

Great product, helped our puppies settle when we brought them home

P Paul
Verified Purchase

Really easy to use!

P Phil
Verified Purchase

Our dog hates thunder but this helped him calm down

T Toby
Verified Purchase

Never seen our dog sit so still on a long drive before!

I Isobel
Verified Purchase

Our dog was quite shy when meeting new people but after using this he is much more confident

J June
Verified Purchase

We tried using pills but our husky refused to have them. These soft chews have been great - so much easier to use!

Z Zara
Verified Purchase

We use this before he has to go somewhere like the vets and it seems to make him less fidgety and scared-looking.

R Rya
Verified Purchase

The idea of soft chews is so good - it is so difficult to give my dogs pills sometimes and these are almost like a little treat.

P Paris
Verified Purchase

This product works fabulously for our lil dog especially as he is afraid of bigger dogs. We feed them usually before a walk

W Weston
Verified Purchase

Our joey gets so stressed but these helped, usually when people knocks on the door its bad. Happy these are helping

C Coral
Verified Purchase

Our dog has a sensitive stomach and isn't good with supplements usually so it was great to see take these so easily

A Arch
Verified Purchase

I’ve been with Animigo since the beginning, first class service and delivery is excellent have recommended to my friends.

C Cindy
Verified Purchase

Our lab has lost his temper now and it makes going on walks much more relaxing as I know he isn't going to go or dogs all the time.

J Jim
Verified Purchase

Found this to be really useful during fireworks and thunderstorms, although our dog still gets scared sometimes

R Robert
Verified Purchase

The dog loves chomping on these

G Gio
Verified Purchase

Not usually good with any form of drops, but our dog has managed to not notice these from being disguised in the wet food which she has in the mornings

S Simon
Verified Purchase

Really helped us house train our puppy, keeping him nice and calm

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Next day delivery, very impressed!

N Nigel
Verified Purchase

Thumbs up from me!!!

E Ella
Verified Purchase

I chose this as it had the best ingredients and I still stand by it

P Petra
Verified Purchase

Perfect for when we go on holiday and long car rides

A Aminda
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