Flea & Tick Collar

Pest Control Collar
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Key Features

  • Manages fleas & ticks
  • 8-month protection
  • 27.5 inch long adjustable collar
  • Suitable for cats & dogs

Help your pet stay flea and tick-free with Animigo’s Flea & Tick Collar! This unique collar uses a controlled release of active ingredients that coats your pet's entire body with a pleasant-smelling flea and tick control. This formula gets to work during the day to effectively manage pests including ticks, lice, larvae and mosquitoes. Without the hassle of using shampoos or supplements, relieve your furry friend’s itchy and irritated skin caused by pests today!

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  • All Sizes & Breeds
  • Cruelty-Free
  • CE Certified

Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs & Cats

Many pets love a good scratch from time to time but you may have noticed that your furry friend is starting to scratch more frequently - fleas and ticks might be the cause of this. These pests can bite your pets relentlessly, leaving them irritated and itchy. But don’t worry, Animigo’s Flea & Tick Collar is here to help! This adjustable collar perfectly fits any cat or dog and uses a controlled release of plant-based, active ingredients to cover your pet’s entire body to fend off these pesky pets.

What Are The Benefits Of The Flea & Tick Collar?

There are plenty of shampoos and supplements available to deal with your pet’s fleas and ticks. However, these can be a real hassle with your furry friend either hating bath time or being fussy eaters when it comes to pills or tablets. Our Collar provides you with a convenient alternative to help your pet manage their fleas and ticks without them knowing.

But that’s not all! This Collar coats your pet's entire body with a pleasant smelling flea and tick control, providing your pet with the protection they need for at least 8 months. The Collar is made with Ethene and Chloro Homopolymer, making it perfect for long-term use. It’s time to ditch that old, basic collar and let your furry friend experience the benefits of Animigo’s Flea & Tick Collar!


This product is subject to specific safety warnings. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

How to use the Flea & Tick Collar?

  1. Place the Collar around your pet's neck, adjust the fit and buckle in place.
  2. The Collar should be worn loosely to allow it to move around your pet’s neck - leave 2-3 inches for extra adjustment.
  3. Cut off and dispose of the excess length.
  4. Wash your hands after finishing.


Do not use for pets under 8 weeks. In case of itching or erythema, contact your veterinarian. Do not eat, drink or smoke when applying the product. Keep it out of reach of children and store in a cool, dry place. We do recommend checking the full list of ingredients before using to check for any potential allergens to your pet.

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Verified Purchase

After using the collar, I just regret that I didn’t know about this amazing solution before!

D Debina
Verified Purchase

Collar is flexible, my pet seems to be comfortable putting it on. Pests are irritating my pet less now. So, ya pretty good stuff.

C Catherine
Verified Purchase

Collar works brilliantly. My dog is enjoying his time peacefully now. Just wish it was completely waterproof..

D Drake
Verified Purchase

By far the coolest thing I have found for my dog. He is loving the flea-free life. Would highly recommend this for all pet owners man!

T Tyan
Verified Purchase

Pleasant smell

a alison C
Verified Purchase

Not used this before but much cheaper than others ,a good size too

Verified Purchase

Great product

T Tony E
Verified Purchase

Well worth it . Easy to order and buy no harmful chenicals to smell . Both dogs have them they work but had any nasty bugs Waterproof Buy in six months time

J Jayne D
Verified Purchase

It is too early to tell how effective this product is at the moment.

K Keith
Verified Purchase

The best product 🦾🦾

A AnWar W

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