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Itch Relief for Cats & Dogs

50 ml Liquid | Natural Allergy Aid Animigo

Tired of your pet itching and scratching? Itch Relief is a natural liquid supplement designed to help your pet deal with their itchy skin as a result of an allergy. Ideal for a wide number of allergens including grass, pollen and food, Itch Relief uses its premium formula to help boost your furry friend's internal immunity and defences to help reduce itching, redness and irritation.

  • Calms itchy skin in pets
  • Ideal for grass, pollen & food allergies
  • Premium natural formula
  • With Ginkgo, Eyebright & Nettle
  • Easy to use drops
  • For cats & dogs of all sizes
  • Vegan
  • Ekologisk
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free
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What is Itch Relief?

Made from four of the finest herbal ingredients known to help with the symptoms of allergies, Itch Relief is a premium liquid supplement created to ease the feeling of itchiness in pets. When our loyal companions experience an allergy, it can be hard to help them without resorting to medications or harsh chemicals. Itch Relief, on the other hand, offers a non-drowsy alternative to these that is easy to give your pet and can help soothe their skin, just when they need it the most.

Why do allergies cause itchy skin?

Just like us, our pets can have allergies too and one of the main symptoms is itchy skin. A reaction happens when an allergen comes into contact with our pet, either through touching the skin, breathing it in or by ingesting it. In most cases, the allergen is harmless, but their particular body sees it as a threat and so the reaction is produced as a result of their defences taking action. This is why your pet can have itchy, red and irritated skin when they come into contact with a number of different allergens. To help them, you can try avoiding it, but this isn’t always possible. It can, therefore, be helpful to use a natural supplement to help boost their internal immunity and help with soothing their itchy skin.

Key ingredients

Huang Qin

Huang Qin
Also known as Scutellaria Baicalensis or Baikal Skullcap, this amazing plant is widely used as a natural way to help with hayfever. This makes it ideal for aiding itchy skin caused by a grass or pollen allergy.


This age-old plant is known to have a number of benefits and is considered to be useful for allergies. More specifically, it is said to help with redness and irritation on the skin caused by a number of seasonal allergens.


This amazing plant is commonly used to help allergies in people, so why not pets too! It is additionally said to help with any bacteria lurking, which could be beneficial when trying to deal with the symptoms of certain allergies.


Many people avoid Nettle leaves, but if prepared correctly, they can have some great benefits. For allergies, it is useful for symptoms, such as itching, as well as for strengthening and supporting pet’s natural internal immunity.


Giving your pets tablets and pills can be difficult, especially when they can’t sit still from itching! To help you out, Animigo’s Itch Relief comes in easy to manage drops, plus a handy pipette to measure it out. Simply add the required number of drops dependant on your pet’s weight to a teaspoon of boiled and cooled water then add to their food or water (just make sure they eat or drink it all). It is recommended to split the recommended dose between 2 or 3 times a day and to give to your pet as and when needed. It is not suggested to give this supplement to pregnant or lactating pets.

Cats & Small Dogs
(up to 10kg)
5-7 Drops
Medium Dogs
7-10 Drops
Large Dogs
10-15 Drops


Huang Qin (Scutellaria Baicalensis), Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba), Eyebright (Euphrasia Officinalis), Nettle (Urtica Diocia).

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Itch Relief for Cats & Dogs 50 ml Liquid | Natural Allergy Aid

Customer Reviews

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93.13% based on 32 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Bit pricey, but has stopped the itching

D Deborah S
Verified Purchase

Absolutely amazing. Stopped my cat scratching straight away.

M Mrs Y
Verified Purchase

I have a mix breed terrier who has suffer from skin allergy during the summer season. I came across with this product and I started to use it before the summer time to get it on her system. And I have to say we are in June now and so far no hot spots or bitten her tail . We haven't finish the summer yet. It is worth to try this product..

A Adriana S
Verified Purchase

I like these as they’re easy to use - I really hate giving my cat pills so these are perfect

K Katie
Verified Purchase

My labrador is allergic to pollen so in the summertime especially she is always itching and sneezing. This has really helped and they are reasonably priced too.

D David
Verified Purchase

My pug has been scratching so much recently tried lots of products took her to the vets but finally found something which has made her stop.

O Oscar
Verified Purchase

This product has stopped itching underneath my german shepherds back legs now they are less red

A Allesandro
Verified Purchase

Didn't smell the best when I first opened it, just glad my cat isn't constantly itching. Would give it a 4/5

S Sammy
Verified Purchase

Seems to work and quick delivery can't complain.

I Ian
Verified Purchase

Couple drops a day seemed to work magic.

M Michelle
Verified Purchase

Delighted with this product, easy to apply and has not led our cat to any discomfort.

H Harry
Verified Purchase

Thanks to Animigo now we don't have to pay for vet bills to stop our Cocker Spaniel itching :)

E Ed
Verified Purchase

Couldn't tell whether it was working to begin but finally our cats itching rash has gone

M Matthew
Verified Purchase

Stinks but works well!

S Susan
Verified Purchase

No more red rashes or scratching as much, worked fantastically

R Rhian
Verified Purchase

Easy to apply.

M Michael
Verified Purchase

Stopped the itching after a couple of days, glad this helped

J Jason
Verified Purchase

Started applying itch relief and my Pug stopped within days!

W William
Verified Purchase

Soooo chuffed with the results from this.

L Lisa
Verified Purchase

our cat was very red from itching and from bites, itch drops worked

R Rich
Verified Purchase

Helped our boy out so much

J Julia
Verified Purchase

Worked for our dogs, they tend to scratch a lot.

F Finn
Verified Purchase

These drops do the trick!

P Peter
Verified Purchase

Very worth it for the price, only takes a few drops to work and now got plenty left for the future.

C Cassy
Verified Purchase

really useful product as our dog is an obsessive cleaner and scratcher so it was good to stop the rashes.

A Amy
Verified Purchase

Our dog has a grass allergy but this has allowed him to go out in our garden more

G Graham
Verified Purchase

My cat was driving my crazy with her itching and I still don't know what it is she is allergic to, but now she is so much better.

H Harriet
Verified Purchase

Works like a dream!

K Kirk
Verified Purchase

My dog is scratching less and I am very glad

M Mathias
Verified Purchase

I really like that it is cruelty free. well done

K Krystal
Verified Purchase

The itching was driving me crazy so this is a god send!!!!!!

F Fallene
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