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Anti Chew Spray

236ml Spray | Pet Training Aid for Cats & Dogs
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Pets have a natural instinct to chew, but if they’re chomping where they’re not supposed to, it’s time to intervene. The Anti Chew Spray by Animigo uses its naturally bitter taste to discourage unwanted chewing on furniture, clothing, bandages and more. The spray is completely safe to use thanks to its natural ingredients and leaves a fresh citrus scent that you can enjoy.

  • Discourages unwanted chewing
  • Ideal for wounds & bandages
  • Use on furniture, curtains & shoes
  • Deterring bitter flavour
  • Fresh citrus scent
  • Alcohol free & non-toxic
  • Gluten-free
  • GMP
  • Cruelty-Free

Why do pets chew?

A completely natural behaviour for cats and dogs, your pet wants to chew for a number of reasons. Such as exploration, teething, excitement, stress and plain boredom. Whilst it’s good for your pet to have a chew to express these emotions, they don’t always end up chomping on what they’re supposed to. This normally means chewing on furniture, clothes or themselves, resulting in detrimental behaviour that can cause damage to items around the house as well as potentially to themselves. To help this, make sure they have lots of pet-specific chew toys around and are taught what is good to gnaw on and what is bad. If your pet needs a nudge in the right direction with this, an anti-chew spray for dogs and cats could be the perfect choice.

How the Anti Chew Spray works

Thanks to its bittering agents and citric acid, the Anti-Chew Spray is designed to have an unappealing taste to cats and dogs. This means, when sprayed on certain objects they’d normally like to sink their teeth in to, it deters them and discourages the unwanted behaviour. With correct training using the spray, you can teach your pet to positively chew on toys or treats instead of your expensive furniture!

Anti Chew Spray benefits

Deters Chewing

Deters Chewing
Thanks to its bitter and citrus flavours, the spray helps to deter your pet from unwanted chewing, licking or scratching and lets you train them to chew only on toys.


The Anti-Chew spray is completely safe to use thanks to its natural, non-toxic ingredients. It also does not contain any alcohol so won’t sting or hurt your pet.


As this product is designed to be used on furniture, clothing and other materials, the natural ingredients mean it won’t stain or leave lasting marks.


To use, simply spray evenly on the desired area you want your pet to stop chewing on. This can include furniture, bandages and clothing. Use consistently until unwanted habits have stopped. Can also be used as a deterrent to prevent unwanted chewing from happening. Before use, especially on certain surfaces, spray a small amount on an inconspicuous area to test. This spray is not suitable for use around the eyes or nose. Please note that as every pet is different, the results may vary.


Deionised Water, Bittering Agent, Citric Acid.

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  • Good price


  • Working so far but I think I will run out soon so would be better with more in the bottle


  • This spray is very easy to use and I am very glad I have bought it


  • We just got a new puppy and he has been chewing up the sofa and this is the first thing that has actually worked!


  • I like that it contains no alcohol and is easy to use. My cat just had an operation on her leg and she kept chewing at the bandages and taking them off so this has stopped her so it can heal. Will use again if she starts chewing on something else she is not supposed to


  • So efficient! - This product really works! And what’s more, you get so much use out of it! Just a couple sprays is enough, meaning the bottle is lasting for ages!


  • Our dog winnie keeps tugging on the living room rug with his teeth. Sprayed some of this spray on it though and she seems totally disinterested now, which is perfect because we use that rug when family come to stay!


  • Our dog loves to have a nibble on thing, especially in the kitchen. It is partly my fault because I’m a chef by trade and that means the surfaces are always covered in something tasty, but recently my dog has been having a go at the cabinet doors. Sprayed some of this stuff on them and he is staying well clear!