Can Cats Drink Green Tea?

These days, wellness and herbal remedies are a part of everyday life. Just a decade or so ago, the wellness movement may have seemed a little hipster or snobby. Today, every office is stocked full of herbal teas infused with fruits, botanicals and superfoods. Some supermarkets have entire aisles dedicated to tea. We've truly come a long way. And one of the most popular alternatives is green tea. Since you're able to enjoy this healthy, soothing treat, wouldn't it be nice if your cat could too? Before you start pouring them a brew, read on to discover if cats can drink green tea.

Why should cats drink green tea?

Just like with humans, green tea has some fantastic benefits that work for cats too! Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants that help flush toxins and waste from their bodies. Compounds within green tea can also slow the growth of tumours and kill cancer cells.

And that's just the beginning. There are numerous other benefits to drinking green tea. It can help reduce your cat's risk of heart diseases. Green tea can help keep their blood pressure at safe levels. It can even aid in the prevention of cat diabetes. Yes, if you didn't already know, cats can get diabetes too.

We'll list some other benefits below:

  • can help clear toxins from the lungs
  • helps the normal function of their metabolism
  • its natural fluoride content can help keep mouth infections at bay

However, it's ageing cats that may see the most significant benefits. On top of everything else, studies show that green tea can remarkably improve cognitive function in cats. So, if your cat isn't imbibing on the herby green stuff, maybe it's time to introduce them! And while you're at it, maybe pour one for yourself. Remember, lots of these benefits help humans too!

Fingers crossed, your cat likes the taste. It isn't for everyone, cats included. If they turn their nose up at the very smell, you can use supplements to help boost their brains. Brain Health from Animigo supports the brain and immune function, making it ideal for pets who are getting a little long in the tooth.

How much green tea is good for your cat?

Try a small bowl at first. Some cats might only drink a little, while others may lap up the whole thing. Just don't give them tea straight out of the kettle. They will burn themselves and then never look at you with quite the same amount of love. Ever again. Instead, boil it up and leave it to cool. Then, serve it up.

Which green teas are the best?

Like, dare we say 'normal' tea, green tea does contain caffeine. And caffeine isn't the best for cats. We recommend looking for decaf options so you don't have to worry about how much caffeine your feline friend is consuming. Also, stick to organic brands, as they'll be free from pesticides and other nasties that could be harmful to your cat.

So now you know that cats can drink tea, all of the possible health benefits it can provide them, and which to use and prepare for them. Enjoy!

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