How To Tell If Your Cat Is Healthy

If cats could talk, what would they say? Would they tell you about their day, or maybe how they love to play? Sadly, it doesn't matter either way. Because they cannot talk. That means that sometimes, it can be hard to tell how your cat is doing. Thankfully, you can read a lot from their body language. Whether your feline is little diva, a cuddly sort, or more the stoic type, studies have shown that there are bonafide ways you can recognise your cat's mood. Here's how to tell if your cat is healthy and happy.

Ears front

If your cat's ears are facing forward, then you can tell that your cat is happy. Unhappy cats will fold their ears back against their heads. Almost as if they're ignoring you. Yes, it was probably something you did. And yes, you should feel bad about it.

Sleeping right

Cats can be like people, in that when they're sad they tend to oversleep. Keep an eye on your cat's sleeping patterns. Another telltale sign is if they're not sleeping on top of you. Healthy cats love to snuggle and get all up in your space, as we're sure you already know. Take it as a compliment; it means your doing a good job.


This one's a given. Happy, healthy cats purr like nobody's business. Sometimes you don't even need to itch one of their favourite places. They'll merely sit there, all content and zen, purring the night away.

Keeping clean

If your cat spends much of their day licking themselves clean, that's a good sign. Healthy cats will take time to groom themselves, other pets around the house, and maybe even one lucky owner like you! Not only is it a sign that they're happy and healthy, but it's also proof that your little furball trusts you. If your cat is the opposite of this, rarely grooming itself, then they might have a problem.

Set them free

If you have outside space like a garden or patio, let your pet stretch their legs every so often. Outdoor exercise will help them breathe some fresh air and stay in good shape. Just be wary of where you let them roam. Keep them far from main roads if possible, and get them chipped and put on a collar if you plan on letting them out often. Or, if they love getting out without your knowledge.


Keep your eye on their eyes. If you see their pupils suddenly grow rather large, congratulations. Pupil dilation is the sign of a healthy, happy cat. Of course, just because you don't see their pupils big doesn't mean they aren't happy. You might simply be missing out on them when they grow! Some people think that pupil dilation signifies some kind of feline hunting response. But don't worry, those people are wrong.

Play on, player

A playful cat is a happy, healthy cat. If your cat likes to play 'the floor is lava' by jumping over and around your lounge, that's a good sign. Obviously, each cat is different, so some will be more playful than others. And, as cats age, they might not be as lively or spritely as they once were. But cats have that playfulness in their DNA. If they're not rolling, jumping, and scrambling around, something might be wrong.


Healthy, happy cats will hold their tails up high and twitch the tip. If your cat's tail tip ain't twitching, they might not be as happy or healthy as you thought. If there's a particular reason they might not be feeling their best, try giving them Soothex. It's an all-natural soothing supplement, enriched with amino acids, vitamins and lemon balm that's formulated to calm your feline friend. If they have reason to feel particularly stressed at the moment, and it's affecting their mood and behaviour, give it a go.

Plate cleaner

Cats are well known for their appetites. There's even a print-worthy ginger tabby cat that's renowned for his love of lasagna. And while he might not have always been the happiest cat, you can be sure your healthy cat will devour any food you put in front of them. If they experience a sudden loss of appetite, there might be something affecting them.

One comfortable little cat

If your cat is pretty chill, they're probably pretty healthy and happy. They'll probably curl up in a ball too. Good job. However, when a cat's on edge, you can tell by the arch in their back. Keep an eye out for that.
Now you know How to tell if your cat is healthy! If you're concerned about their behaviour, their mood or their health, you should take them to the vet for a checkup. Just like with people, cats can have unseen issues that could be affecting them.

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