How To Make Your Cat Happy

Every proud pet owner wants to make their furry friend happy. And if you don't, what's wrong with you? Of course, you can't ask your cat what will make them happy. Well, you can try. Sadly, they probably won't say much back. Luckily, even though you can't ask them directly, there are certainly some things you can do to make sure they are happy. So, if you're a new owner, or just want to make sure you're doing the right things, read on. This is our guide on how to make your cat happy.

Keep them healthy

Cats love exploring, whether inside or outdoors. As such, they often come into contact with an assortment of nasties, from parasites to general illnesses. Ideally, you should take your cat for a check-up at the vets every six months. They'll be able to treat some issues and hopefully diagnose any others. A healthy cat is a happy cat, so make sure they're feeling their best with a trip to the vets.

Pet your pet, Pet

Shockingly, cats actually enjoy being petted. A good stroke from their forehead down along their spine will leave them feeling pretty happy. Give them a quick scratch behind the ears or under the chin for good measure. Just stay away from their paws, and if your cat's getting restless, let them move away from you. Too much contact can agitate them. A bit like humans, then.

Food, glorious food

A happy cat has a huge appetite. And while you may feel bad for not feeding them as much as they want, you're doing your feline friend a favour. Plenty of domesticated animals are overweight and suffer in the long run. They might not know it, but their short term happiness isn't worth long term unhappiness. Buy sensibly, making sure the food is good quality and not full of unnecessary additives or overly calorific. Feed your friend at specific times with specific amounts. And, importantly, while a treat every so often won't hurt, don't cave to peer pressure and bring them out all the time.

Let them play

Cat's are pretty good at making their own fun, but there's no reason not to help them on their way. Pick up a few cat toys from a pet shop and let them loose! They'll keep your cat occupied while you're out of the house, and give them a bit of exercise too. A scratching post is an easy one to recommend, as it might stop them from tearing up your sofa. Or your bed. Or, well, everything in your house. Just remember that toys aren't a substitute for good old fashioned owner time. Make sure you play with your pet when they're around, unless they're doing their own thing.

Set them free

If you have outside space like a garden or patio, let your pet stretch their legs every so often. Outdoor exercise will help them breathe some fresh air and stay in good shape. Just be wary of where you let them roam. Keep them far from main roads if possible, and get them chipped and put on a collar if you plan on letting them out often. Or, if they love getting out without your knowledge.

Sharing is caring

If you're worried about your cat getting lonely while you're at work, why not double down and find them a buddy? Getting another cat could help your furry friend stay happy in the house. Just be careful when introducing them. Cats can be quite territorial, and rushing them into a budding bromance could end in a fight. Alternatively, if they're opposite genders, it could well end up in a romance. If you don't your family getting any larger, make sure both cats are neutered!

Keep it clean

Finally, cats really appreciate cleanliness. It's why they often spend so much time grooming themselves. Cats are very sensitive to smells, so it pays to keep the house clean too. Clean their litter tray whenever possible, and replace it every few days. Make sure their bowls and the surrounding areas are clean too. And while you don't need to bathe your cat, you might need to if they get especially filthy!
Here ends our guide on how to keep your cat happy. We hope it helps new and old cat owners alike!

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