Anti Bark Collar

Device | Non Electric-Shock Dog Training Technology
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Key Features

  • Humane training collar
  • No pain or electric shocks!
  • Intelligent buzz & beep technology
  • Adjustable nylon strap fits all sizes over 3.5kg
  • Splash and rain proof
  • USB rechargeable for convenient re-use

Tired of your dog barking at the postman, or anyone that steps within 5 feet of your front door? Our safe, comfortable and shock-free Anti Bark Collar can help your dog learn how to stay in control without the need for cruel electric shock collars or other painful alternatives. The new and improved design of the anti barking collar is a humane learning tool that can help train your pet without any shocks or spiky prongs. Plus, with its weatherproof design and adjustable nylon strap, it's the perfect fit for big and little dogs alike. Our Anti Bark Collar also comes with a USB charging cable, so you can simply plug it in and use it anytime, anywhere!

  • CE Certified
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • ISO
  • All Sizes & Breeds

How Can Our Anti Barking Device Help You?

Anti bark collars are training collars that can let dog owners train their dogs not to bark, even when you’re not around to keep an eye on them. A non-electric shock, anti-bark collar is one of the safest and ideal solutions to manage constant whining and barking, humanely

When dogs bark excessively, not only is it exhausting for them but it also spikes their heart rate and wrecks the peaceful state of your home. Also, if your dog gets upset when you leave the house without them, an anti dog barking device can help to manage your dog’s behaviour without having to hire an expensive dog trainer or sitter.

Why Choose Our Anti Bark Dog Collar?

Understandably, most dog owners would never want to shock their dogs using electric shocks. Our gentle anti bark device uses buzz and beep technology to train your dog safely. It's so easy to use, and you can choose a suitable stimulation level for your dog with our user-friendly control system.

Our anti dog-barking device can manage your dog’s behaviour without leash pulling or inhumane electric shocks. Not only that, thanks to our Collar being lightweight, comfortable and rainproof, you don’t need to worry about the anti bark device getting damaged - even if your dog wanders into the snow or plays in muddy puddles!

Directions to Use Our Anti Bark Collar

  1. We advise you to first test our anti dog-barking device by turning it on and setting the sensitivity level to D. Imitate your dog's bark or blow near the sensors, this should trigger the device. If the device doesn't get triggered in the first instance, please test it again as the frequency of a dog's bark and a human's voice is different. After the anti bark device is triggered, it will first make a beep sound and then vibrate.
  2. After testing, configure the sensitivity and vibration settings of the anti barking collar to an appropriate mode for your dog. We recommend to start with the lowest level first and increase where necessary. Please set the sensitivity level to avoid any false triggering.
  3. While placing the anti bark device around the dog's neck, please ensure that there is enough space between the collar and the dog's neck for you to fit your finger. It should not be worn too tight or too loose. Do not use this collar at the same time as another dog collar to stop barking.
  4. Our anti bark collars for dogs should not be worn for more than 12 hours. It's best to reposition it every 1-2 hours for the comfort of your dog.

For full instructions, please refer to the user manual.

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Verified Purchase

This has transformed dog-walks from embarrassing and noisy sessions to thoroughly enjoyable events so we have a very happy dog and an even happier owner.

J Jean F
Verified Purchase


g geoffrey
Verified Purchase

This seems to have worked like magic! I’ve only used the beep so far to stop any barking. It’s been miraculous- it stops her dead in her tracks but doesn’t stress her at all. I have the sensitivity low so she can do quiet barks and grumbles but it’s only when she goes full steam in the garden that it kicks in and that’s when I really need it! I will change to vibration setting if and when she becomes accustomed to the beep. All in all very pleased with this purchase. Highly recommended.

M Mr P
Verified Purchase

Works well in stopping our dog barking. Only problem is there is no attachment for a lead so must be worn with a harness.

A Agnes
Verified Purchase

The dog bark collar is a useful tool in stopping the dig from barking without being cruel

S Stephen R
Verified Purchase

Great device, the dog has stopped barking as soon as its fitted. Fantastic!.

Verified Purchase

Brilliant product could not believe how effective it was my dog stopped barking within a couple of days

L Linda M
Verified Purchase

The anti bark collar has worked very well on my dog. It’s even stopped him barking when he’s not wearing it, albeit briefly! Happily it doesn’t seem to frighten or hurt him. I am very pleased with this product.

Verified Purchase

I am totally amazed at how effective this collar is. I only had to put it on my dog a few times during the first day, and now if i show it to her, she knows what’s it is and her barking has decreased dramatically. I must admit I was sceptical having tried other avenues to stop her territorial barking, but this is a game changer. My husband tried it on his own neck first and confirmed that it was totally painless - just a beep and some vibrating - but that was enough to do the trick. I cannot recommend this highly enough. The dog is no longer stressed, and neither are we!

L Linda C
Verified Purchase

Absolutely brilliant dog only barked once when first put collar on not barked since when wearing it

P Peter

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