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Anti Bark Collar

Device | Non Electric-Shock Dog Training Technology Animigo

Want to train your dog without using an electric-shock collar? Animigo’s safe and comfortable anti-bark collar can help your dog learn how to stay in control without you having to resort to electric shocks! This anti-bark collar is a humane learning tool that makes your pet more trainable without any shocks or spiky prongs. Plus, this collar has a weatherproof design and a comfortable nylon strap that can be adjusted to any size and shape. It also comes with a USB charging cable so you can simply plug it in and use it anytime, anywhere!

  • Non electric-shock dog training collar
  • With an intelligent buzz & beep technology
  • Adjustable nylon strap for comfort
  • Weatherproof and waterproof design
  • USB rechargeable for convenient use
  • CE Certified
  • All Sizes & Breeds
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How can an Anti-Bark Collar Help?

Anti-bark collars are training collars that dog owners can use to train their dogs not to bark, even when they are not around to control them. A non electric-shock anti-bark collar is one of the safest and best solutions to curb incessant whining and barking, humanely.

When dogs bark excessively, it is not only exhausting for them but also spikes their heart rate and wrecks the peaceful state of your home. And if you are getting tugged around, when you leave your home for dog walks then an anti-bark collar can help you control your dog’s behaviour without having to hire a professional dog trainer!

Why Choose Animigo’s Anti-Bark Collar

Most dog owners detest the idea of shocking their dogs using electricity. So, this gentle deterrent is designed to include only beep and buzz modes to train a dog while enjoying complete safety and customisation. It is straightforward to use and you can choose the best stimulation level for your dog with a user-friendly control system.

With this anti-bark collar, you can control your dog’s behaviour without leash pulling or inducing fear with inhumane electric shocks. And, as it is lightweight, comfortable and rainproof, so you don’t need to worry about the collar getting damaged even if your dog wanders into the snow or plays in puddles.


  1. For power control, short press the button to turn on the collar and adjust it for sound sensitivity and vibration.
  2. Set the collar to a suitable size to avoid discomfort and ensure that the two contact points touch your dog's skin to work effectively.
  3. Make sure that your dog does not wear the collar for more than 12 hours every day and if possible, reposition the collar every 2 hours. You can adjust the sensitivity from the lowest sensitivity (1st level) and increase it when your dog is accustomed to the sensitivity levels.
  4. We suggest using just the sound mode first (the default setting) so your dog can get used to it. Then choose the vibration mode according to how your dog responds to the collar.
  5. Press the power button afterwards for 3 seconds to turn it off.
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Anti Bark Collar Device | Non Electric-Shock Dog Training Technology

Customer Reviews

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reviews 4.5

88.75% based on 16 Reviews

Verified Purchase

This has transformed dog-walks from embarrassing and noisy sessions to thoroughly enjoyable events so we have a very happy dog and an even happier owner.

J Jean F
Verified Purchase

Took a while figuring it out, but once I did worked a treat. Our dog barks at almost anything and this gradually calmed him down! Finally.

N Nathaniel
Verified Purchase

I used the product for my dog Bulldog. Excellent results from day one. As time progresses, the dog barks less and less. No negatives. No tormenting for the dog.

K Keith
Verified Purchase

I was surprised by the effectiveness of the collar. As soon as the dog barks, there is a beep that warns the dog and a vibration is triggered. Not too strong but surprising for the pet.

D David
Verified Purchase

This is my second product from Animigo. Because I was satisfied with 1st one, I bought this for my girlfriends dog. Collar works just fine. Easy to assemble and adjust. Does not hurt the dog.

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

I have purchased this for my dog as he was barking a lot once we leave home for work. My neighbours were complaining a lot, but after using this collar i havent had none of them complain as of yet

S Sandra
Verified Purchase

The product is amazing, my dog barked at everything!! The telly,her reflection, people with hats, I mean anything and it would start my others off and that is a massive headache when 4 dogs going at it because there is a leaf on the television. I bought this after reading the reviews and it is brilliant. I used it once and she hates. When you test it you say 'WOW' into it to see the sensitivity and my dog now associates that word with the collar so now I just use that word before she starts and she stops!! Dont hesitate in buying this product it does work and please believe me when I say my dog barked for the fun of it!!

G Gill
Verified Purchase

Best thing ever, does everything they say it will within day’s. If you are pulling your hair out because your dog has the brain of a gold fish and only shuts up for the time you tell him get this.

G Gary
Verified Purchase

My dog didn’t like it at the start and it is quite bulky but he isn’t barking at the postman as much, hopefully he won’t need to wear it one day

E Ellen
Verified Purchase

He still growls a little when he thinks he sees something he doesn't like but the vibration/beep stops it getting to a fully fledged barking session

M Mo
Verified Purchase

Since we put the Bark Collar on I haven't heard him bark more than twice at a time. I'm not even sure if he's made it vibrate yet, but he definitely quiets down when he hears the beeping. He comes inside faster. He doesn't freak out when the mailman stops by. All around it's just been a huge relief.

A Alex
Verified Purchase

over the moon with this product would highly recommend it works a treat

A Alan
Verified Purchase

Very good. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Adjustable for several sizes also.

D Darren
Verified Purchase

Very good . My puppy barks all the time put this o. Her this morning and when she barked it went off and she was quiet . I left it on for a few hours then took it off . All I had to do is show her the collie and she stopped barking . I think in a few weeks off using this it will train her in to not barking . Easy to use and humane

J Julia
Verified Purchase

Works really well, my pug used to bark at everything and know he knows when the collar is on that he’s not to bark. It was super easy to set up and use and the battery life is great! Highly recommend to anyone who’s dog barks at anything and everything!

D Dan
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