Keep Your Christmas Dogs & Cats Happy: 10 Useful Tips

Amidst the delightful chaos of Christmas, with its twinkling lights and joyful gatherings, have you ever paused to consider how your furry pal experiences the holiday season? As you prepare for the festivities, ponder this: How can you ensure your Christmas dogs and cats relish the celebrations without stress? Discover the keys to a tranquil and joy-filled Christmas for both you and your beloved pets.


Understanding Christmas Stress for Pets

The holiday buzz might be invigorating for us, but it can be overwhelming for our pets. Picture the array of new scents, sights, and sounds that flood their sensitive senses: from dazzling decorations to the chatter of guests.


This sudden change in their environment can trigger anxiety, leading to behaviour changes or even physical distress. Recognising these stress triggers is vital to making this festive season enjoyable for your furry companions.

Are Real Christmas Trees Safe for Dogs & Cats?

Have you ever wondered - are Christmas trees poisonous to dogs and cats? Yes, the iconic feature of Christmas, the beautifully adorned tree, can pose risks for your pets. While artificial trees are generally safer, real trees require vigilance. Pine needles can be harmful if ingested, causing stomach upset or, in severe cases, puncturing the intestines.

-Are Christmas trees poisonous to dogs

Additionally, for those who are wondering ‘Are Christmas trees toxic to dogs and cats?’ - the water in the tree stand may contain preservatives that are toxic to our furry companions. Take precautions to prevent your festive centrepiece from becoming a hazard.

Ways to Ensure Your Pets Remain Calm and Happy

Here are some tips to ensure your Christmas dogs and cats are at their happiest -

1. Create a Safe Haven

Designate a quiet space where your pets can retreat if the holiday chaos becomes overwhelming. Equip this sanctuary with their favourite toys, blankets, and a comfortable bed to offer solace amidst the festivities.

2. Maintain Routine

Amidst the whirlwind of activities, strive to maintain your fluffy pal's routine as much as possible. Regular feeding times, walks, and play sessions anchor your Christmas dogs and cats in familiarity and comfort.

3. Mindful Feasting

Tempting as it may be to share your Christmas dinner with your furry friend, exercise caution. Some festive foods, like raisins, chocolate, garlic, and certain herbs, are toxic to pets. Stick to their regular diet to avoid any health hazards.


4. Pet-friendly Decor

Opt for pet-safe decorations and ensure ornaments, lights, and plants are placed out of reach to prevent any mishaps. Avoid using tinsel, as its ingestion can lead to serious health issues if swallowed by pets.

5. Exercise and Playtime

During the holiday rush, don't forget to prioritise exercise and playtime for your cats and dogs at Christmas. Engaging in their favourite activities helps reduce stress and keeps them content and relaxed.

6. Calming Techniques

Consider using calming aids such as music specially designed for pets, pheromone diffusers, or weighted blankets to help your furry companions deal with their Christmas anxiety.


7. Positive Reinforcement

Shower your pets with extra love and attention during the holiday season. Positive reinforcement, such as cuddles, soothing words, and their favourite treats, can reassure them and reinforce a sense of security.

8. Introduce Guests Gradually

If you're expecting guests at your Christmas party, especially those unfamiliar to your pets, introduce them gradually. Allow your pets to approach at their own pace, reducing anxiety around new faces.

9. Avoid Loud Noises

Loud noises from firecrackers, carolers, or even the popping of champagne corks at Christmas parties can startle and stress your pets. Create a calm environment by minimising sudden loud sounds around them.


10. Supervise Outdoor Time

If your pets venture outdoors, keep an eye on them, especially if there's snow or ice. Cold weather can hinder their health, so limit their exposure and ensure they have a warm shelter. You can also use our Paw and Nose Balm for dogs and cats to help against harsh weather conditions.

Try Supplements for Serenity

While there are various supplements and aids available in the market to help calm pets during the festive season, it's essential to explore and choose those that align with your pet's needs and preferences.

Here are some common types of supplements and calming aids that can be beneficial:

1. Calming Treats

Numerous brands offer treats and drops containing natural ingredients known for their calming properties, such as chamomile or valerian root. These treats provide a delicious distraction while potentially easing your pet's stress.

2. Herbal Solutions

Herbal remedies harness the soothing effects of various botanicals like lavender or passionflower. These remedies, available in forms like sprays or balms, aim to create a serene environment for your pet.


3. Pheromone-based Products

Pheromone diffusers or collars mimic natural pheromones, potentially creating a calming effect on pets. These products aim to reassure pets during stressful situations like festive gatherings.

4. CBD-infused Solutions

CBD products for pets have gained popularity for their potential to help with anxiety. From hemp oils for dogs to chews, these supplements can offer a sense of relaxation for your furry companion amidst the festive chaos.


For more information on these supplements and to find products suitable for your pet's needs, consider consulting with your veterinarian or researching reputable brands known for their commitment to pet well-being.

As you strive to ensure your pet's comfort amidst the holiday zeal, consider integrating supplements into your approach. By combining these thoughtful strategies with specialised products, you can create a harmonious and joyful Christmas for both you and your beloved pets.


This Christmas, let's prioritise the comfort and happiness of our furry companions during the festivities. Understanding their stress triggers, implementing thoughtful measures, and considering supplements designed for their tranquillity are key steps in ensuring a joyful and peaceful holiday season for our pets.

Alongside Christmas decorations, pet grooming and celebrations, let's cherish every moment, ensuring our furry companions feel loved and secure amidst the jolly chaos. After all, spreading cheer includes extending it to our beloved Christmas dogs and cats.