7 Best Pet Gift Ideas This National Love Your Pet Day 2023

We love our pets every day, but ‘Love Your Pet Day’ on 20th February just gives us an excuse to shower some extra love and attention on our beloved furry friends. Are you one of us and thinking of ways to celebrate “Love Your Pets” Day? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Every celebration calls for gifts, so why not surprise your pets with some amazing cat & dog gifts to show how much you love and care for them? Here are 7 best gifts for pets that will make your four-legged pal feel more special in this season of love:

1. Grooming Shampoo

Just like us humans, our pets deserve grooming too! So give your furry friends a fun at-home makeover with our Grooming Shampoo for Dogs & Cats and let them look and smell their best this holiday! Infused with cleansing natural ingredients and an invigorating lavender scent, this gentle shampoo is the perfect dog & cat grooming gift to give them shiny, clean skin, free from bad odours - all set for endless cuddles!

2. Nail Grinder

Help your pet say goodbye to long, unkempt nails and give them a nice trim with one of the best dog presents, our convenient and low-noise Cat & Dog Nail Grinder. With 2-speed grinder wheels, 3-size ports and a USB cable, you can now enjoy cat and dog grooming anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your home!

3. Calming Drops

Let’s face it, our pets don’t enjoy grooming and treatment sessions as calmly as we do. Why not give one of the best puppy gifts, our Calming Drops, to help your pet baby stay relaxed even in unfamiliar surroundings? Travel, separation, loud noise, vet visit, whatever the situation, our easy-to-mix cat & dog supplement can be the perfect companion to keep your pet in a great mood at all times.

4. Denti Care Powder

Our pets explore the world with their teeth and tongue, so one of the best gifts for dogs & cats is our Denti Care Powder. Packed with refreshing natural ingredients, this oral care supplement freshens your pet’s breath while keeping their teeth and gums clean. No hassle of brushing, simply mix it with their food and you’re good to go. Now enjoy loving your pet and their kisses and licks without that foul, smelly breath!

5. Hip & Joint Complex

Among the presents for dogs & cats, Hip & Joint Supplement is the ideal choice if you wanna keep your furry pal strong and active; much needed for a fun, play session! Formulated with Glucosamine & Chondroitin, our easy-to-administer pet supplement supports your four-legged friend’s joint mobility and elasticity to help them enjoy running and walking without experiencing pain.

6. Multivitamins & Minerals

Gift for a new puppy or kitten? We’ve got the perfect match! Help them grow to be healthy and strong with the power of 18 essential vitamins and minerals with our Multivitamins for Dogs & Cats. Containing 365 tablets, our all-breed pet supplement can take care of their immune system, bones, skin and overall well-being for a whole year. Even help your growing or ageing pets thrive, not just survive with this nutritious cat and dog gift!

7. Spot On For Fleas & Ticks

Your pet’s favourite companion is you, not those irritating fleas and ticks! Help your adorable pooch or kitty get rid of those invading bugs with our Spot On for Fleas and Ticks Treatment. This toxin-free cat and dog present comes with 6 pipettes pre-infused with citrus-scented solution, known to effectively manage pests and parasites. Just apply it directly to the affected area once and guard your furry pal’s skin against those naughty invaders for 20 days! No more itching, irritation and skin infections for your pet baby!

Now that you have these PAWsome ideas of personalised pet gifts, order your favourite gift online at Animigo and show your loyal companions how much they matter to you. For ‘Love Your Pet Day’, we are offering you 20% discount on all pet supplements to make this day a little more special for you and your furry friend! Enjoy exploring the pet presents!