Top 10 Calm Dog Breeds

When looking to make a furry addition to your family, it can be hard knowing which breed to choose. There are so many factors to consider, such as how big they are, how much they eat and how much exercise they need, and one big thing to look at is their temperament. Traits relating to the anxiety and behaviour of specific breeds can also play a big role in if they’re right for you, so it is important you do your research first. Of course, each dog is different and special in their own way, but if you have a young family or looking to avoid any hassle, calm dog breeds are the way forward.

What are calm dogs?

As the name suggests, calm dogs are pooches that are tranquil and are less likely to get over excited, anxious or emotional. These traits are great for some pet parents, but for many when choosing the breed for them, they want something a bit more calm. These can be especially great for older people that can’t run after their pooch, busy pet owners that don’t have the energy to play all the time and just want to chill as well as those with young children that understandably need their four-legged friend to be less hyperactive than their kids! Here are some of the most calm dog breeds that can make great mellow companions:

1. Pug

A tiny ball of cuteness, pugs are great when it comes to lazy dog breeds. As a result of their squashed face, they’re prone to breathing problems, so only require minimal exercise, making them ideal inside dogs. In addition to this, being on average only around 20 pounds, they great for sitting on your lap and chilling out on the sofa, so when looking for lazy dogs to accompany your laid-back lifestyle, look no further than a pug! They’re also well known for being even-tempered so are a perfect example when looking at calm dog breeds.

2. Great Dane

One of the biggest dogs out there, great danes may be large in size but are gentle giants at heart. At an average of around 60 pounds, this massive breed may seem intimidating but won’t hurt a fly (unless they accidentally sit on it!). Great Danes are pretty chilled and aren’t likely to get over excited when you walk in the door or anxious when you leave the house. They’re generally serene and quiet, making them one of the best calm dog breeds for those looking for a big dog!

3. Basset Hound

Although this particular breed is known for their long faces, on the inside they’re happy and content pooches! As long as they get their daily walks, when inside the house they’re typical of the lazy dog breeds. They love to lounge around and sleep and aren’t very likely to cause you much trouble. This makes them great for older pet parents as they’ll be happy to sit with you as you go about your day! They can also get along well with other animals, so no need to worry about using calming products with them if you introduce a new family member!

4. Shih Tzu

Although they require plenty of grooming on a regular basis, a Shih Tzu can be the great addition to any pet-loving family! Although they have a bit of a reputation as a ‘yappy’ breed, with proper training and care they can be a good example when it comes to calm dogs. Thanks to their tiny size, they don’t require too much time exercising outdoors, making them perfect indoor companions. Whilst they may not be considered one of the laziest dog breeds as they still require playing and attention, they can still be great for those looking for a small furry friend.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A very intelligent breed, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be easily trained, making them perfect when looking for calm dogs. This also means that they’re good companions that make behaviour training a breeze. Unlike many small dogs, a cavalier isn’t very loud, so are a great quiet dog breed. Due to their small stature, they also don’t require an excessive amount of exercise and are more than happy just to snuggle up on the sofa, which is great for a family that like their peace and quiet!

6. Bull Mastiff

Although these dogs are commonly used as guard dogs thanks to their huge size and weight, if nothing is happening they can be one of the laziest dog breeds around! These naturally quiet, calm and lazy dogs are more than happy to spend their time napping or chilling on the sofa, and as they don’t require too much daily exercise, despite their size, they're great big dogs for those looking for a calmer breed. They do, however, have a tendency to drool a lot, so not so great for those looking to keep their homes clean!

7. Greyhound

Renowned for their speed on the track and across a field, at home, greyhounds are known as the ‘World’s fastest couch potato’! Whilst out on a walk they like to run around and be inquisitive, at home they’re the perfect example when it comes to calm dog breeds as they can be quiet and well-tempered. They’re also eager to please, making very loyal canine companions and can be somewhat timid so are best living with other calm dogs. They particularly get on with quiet breeds that are less jumpy and snappy. If you’re wondering as well about their continental neighbour, the Italian Greyhound, they generally share their temperament, just not their size!

8. Bulldogs

A very popular breed, bulldogs are great family pets. This includes all kinds of the breed, including the English Bulldog and French Bulldog. Although on the outside they appear tough and strong, on the inside they're soft and mellow. It is arguably one of the most lazy dog breeds, and are more likely to stay sitting on the sofa than getting anxious at a loud noise or if you leave the house. This makes these calm dogs hugely reliable and straightforward with what to expect from them. They’re also pretty friendly towards other dogs, people and strangers.

9. Chow Chow

A descendant of China, this breed is a standout with its large build and masses of fur. They started as working dogs, meaning they’re easy to train and are loyal to their owners. Nowadays, they’re more commonly show dogs or friendly companions, and a great addition to any family looking for a larger, but calmer, pooch. They’re very popular large lazy dogs that are also sensitive to heat, meaning they prefer chilling indoors than running like crazy outside.

10. Newfoundland

Another gentle giant, this breed is known for their tranquil and loving nature. Whilst they need a decent amount of exercise, they’re less likely to want to wander off and make a fuss. At home, they’re very well-natured and have a lot of patience, making them perfect around young children that like to poke and prod. Thanks to their sweet and serene nature, they’re one of the best calm dogs you’ll find, but only if you don’t mind the size or the drooling!

Which of these calm dog breeds are for me?

When it comes to choosing between the different calm dogs out there, there are a few things you need to consider. Why do you want a dog? What size dog can you fit into your lifestyle? Do you have the time for daily hour-long walks? What other traits are you looking for? In addition to finding specifically what kind of pooch fits your needs, you also need to consider them as an individual.

You may come across one of the calm dog breeds on this list, but that means nothing if they have not been brought up correctly or trained well. Plus, no matter what the breed, there are always methods to help your dog feel relaxed. This includes playing relaxing music, giving them chew toys to focus on or providing them with natural calming supplements for dogs. Overall though, whichever breed you pick for your lifestyle, make sure to provide them with the love and care they deserve, and they will make your life a happier place.

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