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Eye Support

Eye Care for Cats & Dogs

Packed full of essential eye health supporting nutrients, Animigo’s Eye Support supplement is a natural and easy choice when it comes to caring for your pet’s eyes. Containing a unique ingredient blend that includes Bilberry, Lutein and Vitamins C & E, this supplement is ideal for older pets but can be given to all ages to support their eye health and wellbeing.

  • Natural eye care supplement
  • Contains the ‘carotenoid vitamin’ Lutein
  • With protective Bilberry & Vitamins
  • Ideal for older & ageing pets
  • For cats & dogs of all sizes
  • Give whole or add contents to food

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Keeping your pet’s eyes healthy

Eye health is just as important to pets as it is humans; it’s a sense that they rely on for almost everything throughout their day from eating to running to playing. You may notice their eye health getting worse if they start walking into things or can’t see smaller objects from a distance. If this is happening, you should visit a vet for full clarification, but the best way to help your pet’s eye health in general is to look after their wellbeing on an ongoing basis. You can do this by regularly cleaning around their eyes and removing any debris or tear staining, checking their eyes for any changes or clouding in addition to providing them with the right eyecare nutrition. The best for this is giving natural foods that contain carotenoids and vitamins plus ingredients that can protect their eyes from damage.

Pet Eye Support key ingredients

Bilberry Fruit

Bilberry Fruit
Also known as the European Blueberry or Whortleberry, Bilberries are said to have many health benefits. This is because they’re known to have a protective quality that can help to protect the eyes from damage, and they’re even said to be great for pet’s night vision.


Known as the ‘carotenoid vitamin’, Lutein is found in high amounts in the marigold flower as well as foods such as broccoli and kale. It can be great for your pet’s eye health as studies have suggested that lutein can support visual performance and aid age-related degeneration.

Marshmallow Root

Animigo’s Eye Support supplement contains Vitamins C & E, both great for our four-legged friend’s wellbeing and eye health. They are both said to contribute to the protection of the cells from oxidative stress, making them great for safeguarding vision.


Does your pet find it hard to swallow pills and tablets? Here at Animigo we understand that all pets are different, and for some, it can be a struggle giving them a daily supplement. To make things easier for both you and your furry friend, the Eye Support supplement comes in convenient capsules. These can either be given whole like a regular capsule or opened and the contents sprinkled onto their regular food. This is great for fussier pets as they can be taking a supplement without even realising and saves you all the hassle!

Small Dogs & Cats
(up to 10kg)
1 Capsule Daily
Medium Dogs
2 Capsules Daily
Large Dogs
3 Capsules Daily


Bulking Agent (Rice Flour), Bilberry Powder, Capsule Shell (Gelatin), Ascorbic Acid, Anti-Caking Agent (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide), Citrus Bioflavonoids, Vitamin E (DL Alpha Tocopherol), Lutein.

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Eye Support Eye Care for Cats & Dogs

Customer Reviews

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reviews 4.5

85.52% based on 29 Reviews

Verified Purchase

very pleased with product, would have liked recommendation to start off with a partial dose building to full dose

b b A
Verified Purchase

Hoping this will help my dog with his cataracts and general eye health.

C Carole W
Verified Purchase

Fantastic for my dog with very sensitive eyes!

K Katie
Verified Purchase

My dog is getting older so these will be great for him

K Katrina
Verified Purchase

Great product for our cats eye care!

D Dave
Verified Purchase

Great product for our cats eye care!

D Dave
Verified Purchase

Now my dog is ageing, we have started providing these capsules daily.

S Steve
Verified Purchase

Happy with the price and speedy delivery. We order these quite regularly

A Anna
Verified Purchase

Second time I have ordered these capsules, they last ages and now we have no more problems with our German Shepherds eyes any more. Just with the ears now bless her.

S Sadie
Verified Purchase

Eye care is so important which we didn't realise, this product is just what we needed to give our cat the vitamins she needs.

E Ellie
Verified Purchase

Mixing these with the food as a disguise is what we do to look after our Cocker Spaniels eyes.

S Sue
Verified Purchase

my cat is getting older so I want to try this out for her

E Emma
Verified Purchase

My dog is a 8 year old YorkshireTerrier, and recently had to have an eye removed. I started him on this to see if it would help with his other eye, I had been giving it to him for about 5 weeks before we went to get a check up with his eye doctor. His eye pressure has reduced now.

E Esther
Verified Purchase

Sounds like I could use these for my eyesight !

H Hugh
Verified Purchase

I have a Cat that has thin retina's birth defect so is mostly blind. He is 3 so what to give his eyes the nutrition they need so he can keep the vision he has. Cheers Animigo.

G Gwen
Verified Purchase

Our dog's eyes looked like they were quite foggy/cloudy and caused her discomfort. Tried this and has cleared them!

L Louise
Verified Purchase

We bought this for our aging sheep dog, who's eyes were really starting to get cloudy due to his age. We are on our second tub and his eyes have improved. While not completely clear, he does seem to be able to see better and less clumbsy!

B Bryan
Verified Purchase

Confidence is back in using steps. And she seems to have more energy. I will continue using this product and getting a head of the game with my two other dogs (retriever & schnauzer)

E Edwin
Verified Purchase

Find it hard to give my cat tablets/capsules usually but these have been great so far

H Harvey
Verified Purchase

Our staff mix has started to get cataracts early. After a few weeks I think there is improvement! Thought it would take months but my partner and I have noticed reduced glare when she looks up into the sun!

L Lance
Verified Purchase

He is active for his age and I would like to retain what vision I can for the rest of his life ; )

G Gab
Verified Purchase

Our cat is probably the fussiest eater going. Being able to add the contents into her food is a blessing - she can't tell it's there

D Danielle
Verified Purchase

Good quality

C Chelsea
Verified Purchase

Excellent supplement and I give it to both my cat and dog - which is also why I like the discount when you buy more!

E Elouise
Verified Purchase

My cat does seem to be better with this

Verified Purchase

My 10 yr old Shih Tzu only has 1 eye. Recently his eye has been watering and squinting, it was definitely irritating him. I’ve also noticed the start of a cataract. Just 4 days on Animigo Eye Support and what a difference. His eye is so much better and has stopped watering & squinting.. I’m super impressed with this supplement & I love that it can sprinkled over his food as he’s a little fussy. I would highly recommend & we will definitely be using this on a daily basis from now on. Thank you ????

S Steph
Verified Purchase

I like that you can open the capsule up and add it to their food as sometimes my cat won't take them so this makes it a lot easier

R Rosy
Verified Purchase

nice price

J Jade
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