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Raspberry Leaf

430mg 60 Capsules | Birthing Support Supplement
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Animigo’s Raspberry Leaf capsules are a natural way to help support your pet through pregnancy and birth. Packed full of amazingly beneficial vitamins and minerals, these premium capsules can help provide health-giving nutrition both during and after pregnancy, whilst also helping with the stresses of birth to help their labour run smoothly.

  • Supports birthing pets
  • Useful for pseudo-pregnancies
  • 430mg strength per serving
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals
  • For cat & dogs of all sizes
  • Give whole or add contents to food
  • All Sizes & Breeds
  • Sprinkle Capsules
  • Gluten-free
  • GMP
  • Vegetarian

Supporting your pet through pregnancy

When a person or pet is pregnant, their nutrition really needs a boost. Growing little puppies or kitten requires a lot, so it’s important that they are not just getting the right quantity of food, but also a varied range of nutrition for their changing needs. Vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy mum and pup or kitten, and if they can’t get enough of this through their regular diet, a natural supplement could be a great option. An example of just some of the ways vitamins and minerals can help a pet during and after pregnancy include: supporting their immune system, protecting the cells against oxidative stress, aiding tiredness and fatigue, regulating hormonal activity, contributing to cell division and assisting the formation of bones, cartilage, skin, teeth and gums.

Benefits of raspberry leaf for dogs & cats


One of the most popular uses for raspberry leaf is as a natural way to support a pet in labour. It is widely used as a birthing tonic as it is said to help strengthen the uterine walls, ease delivery as well as help with labour pain. This can be useful for difficult births as well as first timers.


Raspberry leaf is rich in a magnitude of vitamins and minerals. This includes Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, G and H as well as Manganese, Phosphorus and Iron. These can be greatly beneficial for the health and wellbeing of both the mother and babies after birth.


Another common use of raspberry leaf for dogs and cats is for helping to avoid potential fake pregnancies. This is also known as a pseudo or phantom pregnancy and results in cats or dogs producing milk without there being an actual puppy or kitten.


To make things as easy as possible for your pregnant pet, these capsules can either be eaten whole or can be opened and the contents added to their food. This allows for speedy and convenient delivery of the active ingredient in order to give your pet the best. To use during pregnancy, give 1 capsule daily per 10 kg of body weight from the third week of gestation until 1 week after delivery. To use to help prevent a false pregnancy, give 2 capsules daily per 10 kg of body weight from the start of the season for 12 weeks.


Raspberry Leaf Powder, Vegetable HPMC Capsule.

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  • I think this is doing something

    C Carol

  • I have given to my cat and she has no trouble eating it. As far as telling you if it works, I think it is too early to tell

    M Marcus

  • nice product

    A Anoushka

  • My cat is pregnant so I am willing to try anything to help her

    T Tranta

  • quite easy to give to my cat and good quality

    C Clara

  • Great product. Really good in anticipation of whelping.

    C Cieran

  • It leads to an excellent birth by strengthening up the uterus and helping deliver pups with a good strong contractions. Worth the money as well from Animigo.

    J Jack

  • I use these for our bitch, avoids symptoms of false pregnancy.

    E Elton

  • Our dog was in a bit of a state before I introduced her to these, puppies on the way !

    G Grace

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